Merigar West Summer Events 2017

For the summer at Merigar West it is with great joy that we will have our beloved and precious Teacher with us for a retreat on a text from the Semde series “The Great Garuda in Flight” from 30 June to 4 July, 2017.

We have prepared a rich program of events around this important event taking into account the different needs of the many people who come to Merigar: we have practitioners interested in deepening their knowledge and practice, people who ask for basic courses, and many curious people who would like to visit Merigar and take part in shorter events in order to understand what we do and decide whether to get involved.

At you can find more details. Here we summarize some of the courses that we hope may be of interest to you.


June 16-22 and July 17-23

Khaita In-depth Course with Salima and Lena

Dance of the Vajra
June 26-29

Study of the Dance of Space of the Song of the Vajra led by Prima Mai

7-9 July
In-depth Course of the Dance of the Song of the Vajra (Part Two) with Prima Mai. The course is reserved for those who have already completed basic courses.

Yantra Yoga
August 26-29
Instructors meeting coordinated by Laura Evangelisti

30 August
Course of Yantra Yoga in pregnancy with Laura Evangelisti


June 24-25
Seminar on “Lucid Dreaming” with Michael Katz

28-30 July
Meditation and yoga with Fabio Risolo and Tiziana Gottardi

August 19-25
Yoga Holidays with Laura Evangelisti, Tiziana Gottardi, and Gino Vitiello

For everyone we would like to mention that from 6 to 8 August there will be a Music Forum, 3 days during which we invite all Community musicians to come to Merigar and share their experience by offering lessons and / or short performances. Those who are interested can write to

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