Summer 2023 at Tashigar South, Argentina

Yantra Yoga, Respira, Vajra Dance, Khaita, Public Activities, Losar, Mandarava Retreat, Santi Maha Sangha, Tibetan Medicine and more….

It is with great joy that we want to share a wonderful experience, which manifested itself in the summer 2023 in Tashigar South in a very auspicious way.

Chair Yantra Yoga with Fabio Andrico

Breathing Cycle and Yoga in the Chair

From January 5, 2023, the activities for all audiences began in Tashigar Sur, led by Fabio Andrico. The first workshop on the Breathing Method was held from January 5 to 8. This was followed by a Breathe Method Teachers Training, from January 11 to 20. Then, from the 26th to the 29th of the same month, Fabio gave a Yoga in the Chair course in the afternoons, and in the mornings, instructor Leticia Recepter gave a Kumar Kumari course.

Breathing Method with Fabio Andrico January 5–8, 2023.

Awakening Wisdom

February 2023 saw the beginning of Awakening Wisdom, an event organized by ATIF and the International Dzogchen Community of South Tashigar, which included Full Presence with Oliver Leick, Yantra Yoga with Carolina Mingolla, Tibetan Medicine with Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo, Vajra and Khaita Dances, with South American Instructors Issa Cox, Nélida Saporiti and Alejandra Krasnogor.

Oliver Leick at the Awakening Wisdom event.

The first course, Mindful Presence, open to all, was led by Oliver Leick, who gave us different  tools to help relieve daily stress, emphasizing the fact of mindful presence as the infallible antidote. And every afternoon we enjoyed Khaita led by Alejandra Krasnogor, and Vajra Dance led by Issa Cox and Nélida Saporiti, all local instructors.

On Saturday, February 4, a public presentation of Vajra and Khaita Dances took place in the central square of Tanti, under the direction of the three local dance instructors. The presentation was attended by a large audience, who had the precious opportunity to get in touch with the teaching through the dances, as they were invited to dance in the Mandala.

Then, from February 8 to 11, two courses were held. In the morning, the 25 spaces of Samantabhadra, and in the afternoon the 21 invocations of Tara, both guided by Oliver Leick.

Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo at the Awakening Wisdom event.

From February 12 to 15, the course on Diet according to Tibetan Medicine was held by our beloved Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo. In the afternoons, a study group of the Dance of the Space of the Vajra dance, was organized, and authorized by Prima Mai. It took place on the 12th – 14th, and was facilitated by Issa Cox, instructor of Vajra dances.

On February 16, we had a talk with Dr. Phuntsog and Fabio Andrico on the benefits of Yantra Yoga and Tibetan Medicine.

On February 16 and 17, Issa Cox, in collaboration with Nélida Saporiti, gave us a deepening course of the Vajra Dance that Benefits the Beings. On the 18th and 19th, Issa Cox guided a course of the Vajra Dance of Om Ah Hum.

Cycle of Cinema at Tashigar South

On Sunday afternoons, we shared together in the Gönpa of Tashigar South, the following films: “Great Fortune” with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu; “Unexpected Journey” with Fabio Andrico; “Journey to Kailash” with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Celebration of Losar

Making Khapse for Losar with Dr Phuntsog Wangmo.

We also celebrated Losar on February 19th, with fire puja and divination soup with the precious collaboration of Dr. Phunstsog in the kitchen, accompanied by Noe Riner and several practitioners. On the 21st we started at 6 am with the stars bath, followed by a short Mandarava practice, and a lunch with Momos and the Argentinean asado, which was attended by more than 60 people.

Mandarava Retreat 

From February 22 to March 7 we had the precious opportunity to celebrate a Mandarava retreat with Fabio Andrico and Dr. Phuntsog in Tashigar South, and with Nina Robinson via online from Dzamling Gar. Every day, in two sessions, we had the explanation and practice of kumbhaka, sogthig and tsalung with Fabio. Dr. Phuntsog offered us a wonderful explanation on nutrition and behavior according to Tibetan Medicine.

In this opportunity we enjoyed the projection of videos of the precious teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu about Mandarava retreats that he taught at different places of the world.

Public presentation of Vajra and Khaita Dances took place in the central square of Tanti.


Two webinars were organized: the first one in alliance with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rosario, on Tibetan Medicine and Yantra Yoga, with the participation of Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo and Fabio Andrico. The second, in collaboration with the Pediatric Society of Rosario, on the topic of Introduction to Tibetan Medicine for the Infant-Juvenile Stage, with the participation of Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo and Leticia Recepter, who spoke about Kumar Kumari.

During the development of all these activities we had a large participation of people from different Latin American countries: Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina, and as well from the United States, Canada, England, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Tibet.

The number of participants in person were more than 60, and via zoom it went up to 100 from various parts of the world, but in particular, from China.

Birthday celebration for Tashigar South.

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