Summer Update from Kunsangar North

Dear friends, warm greetings to all of you from Kunsangar North!

This year there was a very long, snowy winter. It was not easy for the Gar, but thanks to the cooperation in the Community, the coordinated work of the staff at the Gar, joint practice, and the help of volunteers, we managed it.

During the winter we were able to establish a Dzogchen Community kitchen at the Gar. Small, cozy, our own. We thank the sponsors and everyone who participated in its creation.

Spring has come and the forest and the land of the Gar have been cleared by the efforts of the Gakyil and volunteers, and during the May retreat with Santi Maha Sangha instructor Sasha Gomonov and Yantra Yoga instructor Kirill Mironov, the participants of the retreat unanimously went out to clean up the area around the gönpa and stupa, inspired by the red Gakyil.

Retreat on Santi Maha Sangha and Yantra Yoga with Sasha Gomonov and Kirill Mironov.

In this flow of cooperation, the idea arose to decorate the land around the Gar with beautiful plants, as Alix De Fermor has been doing for many years at Dzamling Gar. Thanks to generous sponsors, many trees and flowers were purchased for planting.

A beautiful warm summer has arrived and we have many retreats and activities planned. We remember that the main purpose of the Gar is to develop knowledge of Dzogchen so that Rinpoche’s students can come here for retreats and personal practices. It is very joyful that there is now an opportunity to conduct more and more in-person retreats.

From June 16 to June 19, we will hold an onsite retreat with Yantra Yoga instructor Vitya Krachkovsky. He regularly conducts classes in Moscow, and many old and new Yantra practitioners come to his retreats at the Gar.

Kunsangar plants in the garden

June 17-23, there will be an in-depth retreat with Prima Mai and Adriana Dal Borgo on the essential aspects of the Dance of the Song of the Vajra, the Vajra Dance that Benefits All Beings, and the Dance of the Three Vajras. The retreat will take place in the form of a teleconference between Merigar and local instructors on the mandalas at Kunsangar North.

From July 16 to July 24, we will be doing Guruyoga and the Semdzin of the Song of the Vajra with instructor Grigory Mokhin as part of the Song of the Vajra deep study retreat.

And from July 25 to 30, there will be a retreat on the study and practice of the Dance of the Song of the Vajra of Space (Khalongdorjeikar) with Prima Mai via teleconference from Dzamling Gar with local instructors on a mandala at Kunsangar North. We are holding it for the fourth time, and it is of great interest to many students. In order for beginners to have the opportunity to take part in the retreat with Prima Mai (it will be for advanced students), from July 22 to July 24, we will organize a study of the timing of the Song of the Vajra and the steps (path) of the Khalongdorjeikar with instructor Ulyana Sokolova.

Cleaning the territory of the Gar

August 2-7, we are planning an in-person retreat with Zoltan Czer, instructor of Santi Maha Sangha, Yantra Yoga and Vajra dances, and a teacher of Buddhist philosophy at the University of Budapest. We hope there will be favorable circumstances and the retreat will take place!

We also plan to wash and paint the Gar’s Stupa and shoot a video about it so that more people know about this unique sacred object. One of its main purposes is to eliminate provocations, epidemics, disagreements and promote prosperity. We want people to come to the Gar and do practices, restoring their harmony and balance away from the bustle of the city, circumambulating the Stupa.

In such a large organization as Kunsangar North, the Gakyil and the Gar’s employees always have a lot of ongoing work to repair the premises because our buildings are already over 40 years old! But we do not lose heart and try to maintain the working condition of this important place, where so many teachings were transmitted by our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and many Buddhist teachers, where there is still an opportunity to practice Santi Maha Sangha, Yantra Yoga, Vajra dances, Khaita and obtain realization. We thank all the sponsors for their generosity and support. We thank the volunteers and everyone who selflessly works for the benefit of the Community and all living beings.

Longsal stupa

Kunsangar North Gakyil invites everyone near and far to come to our wonderful Gar to practice, enjoy and develop! The Gar is for you, it is always wonderful to practice there.

With love,
Kunsangar North Gakyil

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