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In order to keep the Merigar East Gönpa alive and shiny as a place for practice for many years to come, Merigar East, Dynamic Space of Elements, and Shang Shung Institute Austria have joined hands for the Gönpa Renovation Campaign!

Merigar East is located in the lovely countryside near the Black Sea in Romania and has always been a place dedicated to the teachings of our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Its main aim since the very beginning has been to offer possibilities to all interested people especially in Eastern Europe, to get to know the teachings of our Master, and to apply and practice them collectively in a beautiful place.

In the very beginning there was no Gönpa. Probably many of you still remember with some nostalgia the big white tent that served as a shelter for the teachings in the first years of Merigar East, that unfortunately was once torn apart by a big storm. After that, in 2010, the Gönpa in Merigar East was built. The Gönpa has been decorated with Tibetan and teaching-related motives, with the help of Migmar and volunteers from all over Europe.
In 2022 the paint and decorations of the Gönpa will be 10 years old. The center is located at the seaside, in an area of high humidity and strong winds. These conditions have left their mark and have taken their toll even on our best building. The inner walls on the North East side show many cracks, the plaster is crumbling down and there are big humidity stains. The outside walls have a faded shade, bearing the signs of the 10 years that have passed.

In July 2022 we will start to repair and to renovate the temple walls. Additional decorations will enhance the function of “liberating through seeing”, as in particular the mantra of the Song of the Vajra will be painted on the inside beams of the roof of the Gönpa.

This project is special: it is an initiative involving young people who will learn by applying the secrets of Tibetan decorative arts. University students from Italy passionate about sacred arts will have the occasion to participate in this stage, learn, paint, interact with our community and make work experience. In this way we are supporting the circulation of knowledge and opening up to the wider community in which our everyday lives take place.


Your support will go to:

  • Buying the materials
  • Ensuring the necessary expertise and security for the works
  • Funding the students’ costs for the stay

We will keep you informed at all steps regarding the development of this project.
Merigar East has opened a separate bank account dedicated to this campaign for transparency reasons.

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