Vajra Dance Video Tutorial


Photos by Izabela Jaroszewska

We’re in the 10th day of shooting of the video tutorial of the Dance of Vajra. The film set was set up in the Dzamling Gar gonpa which has been exclusively reserved for this purpose for more than three weeks.

Why are we doing this?

This year Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Root Text of the Vajra Dance was published in English and became available to all Dzogchen Community members.

In the years following the last Vajra Dance Video of 2008, when the first drafts of the Root Text translation became available, we checked and compared descriptions for each step and movement by Rinpoche with our actual Dance practice. The result is that we now have a better understanding of the timing and movements and have updates and changes to make that are not shown in the video demonstration of 2008.

For this reason, we would naturally like to make a new tutorial video available for all Vajra Dance practitioners and instructors, and to preserve the Vajra Dances in the correct way for future generations. Beside a complete demonstration of the Vajra Dances, we plan to include an easy to follow and understandable animated demonstration of each of the many sequences in relation to all Vajra Dances. This Tutorial will probably be made available in an online format for the members of the International Dzogchen Community and some parts will be made available to the general public. We also plan, if possible and practical, a more interactive approach to learning and for memorising the Vajra Dances.













Our team

The project team consists of the instructors of the Vajra Dance (Prima Mai, Rita Renzi, Robert Czabanski, Zoltan Cser, Monika Lakatos) professional film makers (Izabela Jaroszewska – director/camera, Maurizio Mingotti – camera, Pieter Kiewiet de Jonge, Marc Beneria), editor (Mirella D’Angelo), sound engineer (Michal Gibowski), make-up & costume (Luda Kislichenko) and technical (Przemek Sumelka) assistants, script supervisor (Roxana Sciacca), catering service (Lilia Shashkova/Andrea & Ignazio Bernard) – all members of our Community.

We’d like to greatly thank the Dzamling Gar Gakyil, secretary, Meriling crew and all Dzamling Gar practitioners for their understanding and continuous support. It’s a very good example of collaboration and mutual respect.

So far we’ve completed the recording of the PAMO movements of all Dances. Now, we’re into the PAWO part. All Dances are demonstrated by Prima Mai.


Next steps

By October 29th we plan to finish shooting all the Dances including both PAWO and PAMO parts with a single instructor presentation. Then in the last week of shooting starting 30th October we will focus on PAMO-PAWO passes with 6 dancers on the mandala. Additionally we’ll film all the Dances again featuring 6 dancers.

We have managed to turn the Dzamling Gar gonpa into a nearly professional film studio. All circumstances are very favourable so we’re looking forward to completing the whole project on time.

You can track the progress and developments on facebook groups: Dzamling Gar and Vajra Dance.

I take this opportunity to thank all the donors who so generously have been supporting this project. With expected donations to come we’d be still missing 8,000 euros to cover all remaining project expenses. I hope that with the help of the entire Dzogchen Community world-wide  we’ll have gathered this missing amount before the end of shooting.

On behalf of the project team,

Piotr Marcik, producer/project manager




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