Thank You For Supporting the Merigar East Camping

Dear friends,

We thank you for your support! For coming to help with your flesh and bones, for donating, for all the other numerous ways of putting your energy and intention into this project.

This autumn, the new Merigar East Camping Residential Area received its final touches and in spring will be ready to welcome you again!

supporting merigar east camping

The old showers

Together, we:

– connected the new kitchen and new showers to the old water pump (so no more salty water!)
– we put tiles in two of the new camping showers
– raised the roof of the new camping kitchen and insulated it to prevent rainwater from dripping into our spaghetti bowls
– made a new roof extension on the West Side to stop anything heavy coming from that direction
– gave brand new metal clothing to the old camping showers – now they look nice and will live longer!
– built the main structure (dome-like) for a vegetal shading area for the hot summers

supporting merigar east camping

Shady area at Merigar East

So far 11,000 Euros have been donated for this project  and we still need 2,000 to cover all the expenses.

You can donate here:,com_zj_donation/Itemid,101/controller,donate/id,20/task,donation/

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