Talk to the New Gakyil of Dzamling Gar

Words to the new Gakyil of Dzamling Gar, Tenerife, Spain
by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

March 4, 2014

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu speaking at Dzamling Gar during the Teacher's Dagther Conference   Photo courtesy of Paula Barry

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu speaking at Dzamling Gar during the Teachers Dagther Conference
Photo courtesy of Paula Barry

We have many things to do at Dzamling Gar, retreats, etc., and also I have many things to do, so it is very important that when we are together we do not forget and we remember that here in Dzamling Gar we are saying, “It is very nice in Dzamling Gar, you should come here in a relaxed way”, and we enjoy. We can enjoy, but at the same time we should remember here there are many things to do in order to develop Dzamling Gar. So we must take responsibility for that in the Dzogchen Community, basically, in each place. We have many Gars and Lings and they have their Gakyils; these Gakyils are responsible for these places.

You remember that since the beginning, when I started to choose and organize Gakyils, my reason was so that the Dzogchen Community did not become a kind of ordinary organization. Dharma centers exist everywhere, they invite teachers, but also someone is taking responsibility and working and living with this income, this is called a dharma center. In dharma centers a bureaucratic system is strengthened and developed, and that is the reason I was worried when we started the Dzogchen Community. This does not correspond to Dzogchen Teachings.

But we cannot live and do anything without organization. We are living in society. Society is dualistic and everything is limited. So then we should do something, and for that reason I am thinking of what to do. When I was flying from NYC to San Francisco or Santa Fe, I don’t remember which, I was thinking, “Oh, we should do an organization like a gakyil, the gakyil with three colors.” That is only a symbol, and these three colors represent body, speech and mind; where there is body, speech and mind there is the function of the human being, so we were thinking a little of that and we organized the Gakyil.

Since that time we organized the Gakyil and people have been collaborating and working in the Gakyil. But people must not think, “Oh now I am in the Gakyil and now I have power, position, etc.” This is not good. So you must think, “Oh I am Gakyil responsible for this color.” Because body, speech and mind have special functions related to each aspect and color, and also special problems. For example, sometimes we have problems of mind, sometimes of physical level, sometimes some energy level and sometimes the mental level, so this is an example and the Gakyil is working that way. In our society we are going ahead.

For example, if you are a member of the Gakyil, sometimes people are not doing things in a timely manner when they are needed, so you must remember we are living in circumstance, today is not tomorrow, tomorrow is not the day after tomorrow, we should work and do everything in time, if we are not doing everything in time, the Tibetans have a saying for this, ta gyugtsar thelwa yeltsar, the horserace is already finished and the dust has settled. For example, sometimes I ask, please bring me a pen because at that moment I need a pen, and then someone is going there, and they are distracted and they are not agreeing which pen is better for the Teacher, for example. Even someone might say, “Oh we must go to buy a pen.” I don’t need that kind of pen, I need a pen in that moment, any kind of pen you find, you bring me and give me, that is fine.

This is called working with circumstances. We really have a defect of that. If you are Red Gakyil and there is some problem for the Red Gakyil and something must be decided, some people decide by themselves and do not communicate with others and decide themselves. Later it does not correspond. Sometimes that person is not deciding anything and thinking,”Oh, maybe we can wait until the Gakyil discusses to see what to do.” Then the circumstance goes away. This is not good, if it is something that we need in that moment, and you have some idea, you communicate.

I am the only person in this world who does not have a small telephone. Most of you have two or three telephones. Why don’t you communicate? If you have an idea you communicate it to the other Gakyil members. You don’t always have to wait for a meeting of the Gakyil. You should work with time, so it is very important you should work that way – not remaining with everything inside. Communicate and make action. This is something I want to say to all people on the Gakyil, not only the Gakyil here, but everywhere. You should work that way.

Particularly in this place, but also everywhere, we must be aware of the rules and customs of the place. It is very important we work with the situation with them, the Gakyil should not think only here inside the Community. If you are not an expert in an area, if there is someone who is an expert in doing that kind of work, they have experience and they are also collaborating with you, ask them for advice. That is something very important and you should do that.

With any kind of work we have to do, we should all collaborate together. Dzamling Gar is big and there are so many projects. So someone is taking responsibility like our construction people, etc., they are planning and working. It is wonderful. But also the Gakyil must know and deal with them, not only saying “We are Gakyil” and then nothing. Sometimes it seems the Gakyil is giving orders, that is not good. The Gakyil must be something alive, even if there are no problems, the Gakyil should communicate with the International Gakyil. If there is something important in the Dzogchen Community in general, you should contact and collaborate with Enrico. He is working very hard. These things you should know and you should communicate and collaborate.

It does not mean that everything you are doing you need to tell me. You are working with circumstances and there are also things you can decide by yourselves and you can develop everything. These things I really want to say to the Gakyil for working and continuing. If you have some questions or problems, you also can communicate to me even if I have no telephone. In general I am using a oomputer. Everyone has a computer so you can communicate with me. You should write the essence, not a philosophy book. I cannot read if it is too long. I don’t have a lot of time. Some people write very long emails when I say they can communicate with me. Then I cannot read them and I throw them away. You will not receive a reply because you are not paying respect to my condition. My condition is that if you send a short communication containing the essence, then I read it and I reply. If you don’t receive a reply it is because you wrote too much. So this is what I want to say.

Transcribed and edited by Naomi Zeitz

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