Tashigar North… A Great Family!

by: Glorys Strauss, Gakyil Azul

Dear Vajra Family,
We want to share this writing, as recognition and gratitude, to these wonderful beings, who are also part of this Great Family, and many of you have known throughout these years.

Those who with their work and dedication day by day, contribute to the maintenance and beauty of the Gar, those who, on many occasions, shared with the Master, listening to his voice on the outskirts of Gönpa, as they themselves remember and tell their anecdotes of relationship of love and respect towards Rinpoche and Rosa.

In all these years, several workers have passed through Tashigar [Norte], but we want to mention in particular, some of them who have been with us for several years.

Rafael In the gardens, who has been in Tashigar since its early years, contributing with his work, the maintenance and beauty of all the garden areas, sometimes we sit down to have a coffee and tell of the Master, Rosa or an anecdote with a practitioner.


José Luis, brother of Rafael, working for several years in the gardens of the Gar and urban areas, on one occasion we sat down talking about plants, since he is a good connoisseur of medicinal plants and he told me what he had heard, the translation of what the Master said in a retreat, when he did his work outside the Gönpa and remembered it clearly.

Jose Luis

Juvencio, Security Worker, with his dedication day and night guarding the place, attentive and friendly.
Douglas Security Worker, very strong and always ready to help, knowledgeable about local plant, caretaker and loving of our guard dog Rex.


Armando and Maritza, a wonderful couple! Many years with us, Armando, a student of plants, a connoisseur of botany, and gardening work in urban areas, always ready to help in other areas. Maritza, the tireless working, a mom every day, and organizing and maintaining public areas of the Gar.
Likewise, gratitude to other tireless workers: Home care: the loving Maura, Julia, Ramona, Luisa, General Maintenance: the super man Zacarias, Security: always attentive, Juvencio Son, Humberto, Darwin.

Gratitude, to all of them, for their dedication and love, towards Tashigar North and, consequently, towards the Master, The Teachings and, the entire International Dzogchen Community.

We take this opportunity to wish you all, a happy and auspicious Christmas celebrations and a New Year for a better world, together in this Great Family, from this wonderful space, Rinpoche’s Legacy… Tashigar Norte… Tashi Delek

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