Tashigar South Online Practices November 1-7

Dear Vajra Family,

We continue practicing via online!

You will find the Zoom link in our Facebook Group and Sangha App. If you don’t use FB or the App, please write to us.

If you have a comment or question please write to secretaria@tashigarsur.com.
Please join us online!

Tashigar Sur Gakyil

Nov 1-7

Online practices from Tashigar Sur

Argentina time (GMT -3)

Monday, 1 Nov

8:30 AM – Guru Amitayus: Elisa Copello (via Zoom)

7:00 PM – Green Tara practice: Carmen Torres (via Zoom)

Tuesday, 2 Nov

8:30 AM – Mandarava (short version): Paola Damonte (via Zoom)

9:30 AM – Pranayama of the 3rd Series of Yantra Yoga: Breathing of Humkara: Carolina Mingolla (via Zoom)

11:00 AM – Song of the Vajra Course with Mariano Gil: Session #6. Language: Spanish (only)

7:00 PM – Green Tara practice: Inés Briano (via Zoom)

Wednesday, 3 Nov

8:30 AM – Mandarava (short version): Thinley Koblensky (via Zoom)

9:30 AM – Yantra Yoga practice: Carolina Muñoz (via Zoom)

7:00 PM – Green Tara practice: Héctor Veloso (via Zoom)

Thursday, 4 Nov

New moon

8:30 AM – Mandarava (short version): Eglee Barros (via Zoom)

9:30 AM – Yantra Yoga practice: Leticia Recepter (via Zoom)

7:00 PM – Shitro practice with Ganapuja: Sergio Oliva (via Zoom)

Friday, 5 Nov

8:30 AM – Mandarava (short version): Carlos Mena (via Zoom)

7:00 PM – Green Tara practice: Marisa Alonso (via Zoom)

Saturday, 6 Nov

9:30 AM – ONSITE: “Opening the door of mental calm”: Ricardo Sued y Marisa Alonso

Sunday, 7 Nov

10:00 AM – ONSITE: Karma Yoga (via Zoom)

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