Teacher Training Program 2024

Yantra Yoga – Vajra Dance – Khaita

Dear Dzogchen Community Members,

We are delighted to inform you that, in collaboration with the International Atiyoga Foundation and the International Dzogchen Community, we have now restarted the training of new instructors for Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance. The program will consist of Teacher Training and Supervision for the different levels, as it did in the past.

Starting in 2024, Dzamling Gar will host First Level Yantra Yoga Teacher Training from January 19th through the 28th, and First Level Vajra Dance Teacher Training from April 4th through the 10th. The Yantra Yoga Supervision will follow in Merigar from July 1 through the 10th.

In addition, in spring 2024, again at Dzamling Gar, there will be the final supervision of the first new Khaita instructors from April 14th through the 21st, an event in which you are all welcome to participate!

This is an important moment for our Community and, with your collaboration, for the continuation of these wonderful Teachings that Rinpoche has offered us!!!

With joy,

Adriana, Fabio, Laura and Prima

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