Thank you from The Mirror

The editorial staff of The Mirror and the International Gakyil would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to many of our readers for the very welcome donations that they recently made to The Mirror in response to our fundraising appeal.

Your generosity means a lot to us and will help us to continue bringing news and articles about the Dzogchen Community to our readers, both on our website and in our quarterly pdf magazine. In addition we would like you to know that your gesture is more than just financial support – it shows us your interest and support for the work we do and for the International Dzogchen Community and inspires us to go ahead as best we can.

Thanks to your generous support on September 30 we had raised € 10,371, with a good €9,135 in response to the fundraising campaign that started on September 21. In just a few days the number of donors went from 36 to 104! This means that we have covered 39% of our expenses for 2021 which include editorial staff, layout, printing, and website maintenance.

Let’s join forces so that we can cover at least 70% of our costs (or 100%, if it doesn’t seem too ambitious).

Liz, Naomi, Anastasia and Thomas
The Mirror Editorial Team

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