The 40th Anniversary of Shang Shung Publications: A Gift for You

40-летие Shang Shung Publications: подарок для вас

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to offer this e-booklet in celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Shang Shung Publications.

Our founder, Prof. Namkhai Norbu, made unparalleled contributions in the realm of Tibetan studies and was one of the most important masters of our time of the teaching of Atiyoga.

This booklet contains a short but profound piece composed by Namkhai Norbu for an early student. Hitherto unpublished, this concise teaching in the form of a poem reflects the Author’s supreme capacity to communicate knowledge with great beauty and with the intent of helping practitioners grasp the real essence of the Path.

Note: translations of Namkhai Norbu’s text into Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and German are available inside the e-booklet.

Примечание: перевод текста Намкая Норбу на русский язык доступен внутри электронного буклета.

We have also prepared a celebratory video, in various languages, recalling the history of Shang Shung Publications from its beginnings in 1983:

Video in English:
Видео на русском языке:
Video in lingua italiana:
Vídeo en español:


The Shang Shung Publications Team

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