The Adventures of Nyima, Dawa & the Little Yak

A journey to discover magical Tibet and the powerful sounds of Kumar Kumari, Yantra Yoga for children!

We are happy to announce that the English version of the fairytale “The Adventures of Nyima, Dawa & the Little Yak”, which facilitates learning the Yantra Yoga for children, is ready and you can already get the ebook or physical book of this fable on the website of the Shang Shung Publications.

This fable was created during the Teachers Training of Kumar Kumari in 2020, in Merigar Comunità Dzogchen by the Italian Team of Kumar Kumari with the constant support and supervision of Laura Evangelisti, one of the Senior Teachers of Yantra Yoga, and perfectly illustrated by Cristina Conticelli.

Local kids who constantly practice Kumar Kumari in Merigar and know the fable by heart.

The protagonists of this fairy tale – Nyima, the older sister, and Dawa, the little brother – lead us to the discovery of a magical country, populated by fantastic creatures: yetis, dragons, talking animals. On their journey in search of a little yak, they meet characters who, emitting powerful sounds and giving them valuable advice, guide them to find their way back “home” and to discover their inner light and happiness.

This fable is also a support for learning the Kumar Kumari Yantra, the yoga conceived by Master Namkhai Norbu especially for children among 5 and 12 years: kumar kumari, in fact, means “boys and girls”.

Kumar Kumari is based on the profound instructions of the ancient Tibetan discipline of Yantra Yoga, adapted and enriched with the use of a unique set of sounds to promote the harmonious development of children, paying special attention to the physical dimension, energy and breathing of growing girls and boys.

We truly believe that playing and practicing Kumar Kumari Yoga with kids is a very good investment in the future of our society!

Kumar Kumari Team of Merigar

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