The Mirror 151 is Now Available Online

Dear Vajra family,

We are happy to inform you that The Mirror 151, March 2021, is up online and ready for downloading at and

The new issue contains two excerpts from teachings by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu — Dzogchen Gars and Lings Are Not Just Dharma Centers given in February 2015 at Dzamling Gar that is our editorial and The Three Statements of Guru Garab Dorje given just before the New Year of 2018 at Dzamling Gar. In addition we are publishing an excerpt from Rinpoche’s magnus opus Light of Kailash on Tibetan talismans and prayer flags, Thog lcags and rlung rta.

You can also find a full explanation of the Guruyoga Collective Practice for Three Special Days given by Steven Landsberg on Saturday, February 27, 2021, before the Worldwide Guruyoga practice that took place the following morning.

The International Gakyil presents their Membership Appeal 2021 with membership numbers and trends, and introduces the New Blue International Gakyil Assistants, Miranda Shannon and Gabriella Schneider.

Adriana Dal Borgo shares her thoughts on the Potential of the Vajra Dance and informs readers about the auspicious publication of an updated version of Message from Tibet through Song and Dances, the first compilation of 108 songs, the collection that marked the first chapter of Khaita Joyful Dances. This version of the book has been used as a present and offering to some Masters, such as the Dalai Lama, and special guests.

The Ka-Ter Translation Project of the SSI Austria shares some good news on Collaboration, Shang Shung Publications announces some new books, and ASIA Onlus presents their new project ‘Seeds of Awareness’, aimed at cultivating empathic relationships, particularly among children.

We also happy to offer news and updates of recent activities at the international Gars of the Dzogchen Community — Dzamling Gar, Merigar West, Merigar East, Wangdeling, Samtengar, Namgyalgar, Tsegyalgar West, Tsegyalgar East, Tashigar North, and Tashigar South.

In this issue Artists in the Dzogchen Community features Oleg Troyanovsky, composer and our Vajra brother from Russia.

“People often have a magical idea of how music is created. Music is remotely reminiscent of language. We pronounce words, express ourselves, we can speak quietly, loudly, softly, sharply. The same applies to music. When some language becomes native to you, its easy to compose a poem or begin to write a text, and in the same way you can sit and compose music”.

‘Reflections’ offers two articles — the experiences of Sergio Quaranta, Yantra Yoga and Harmonious Breathing instructor, who participated in a series of meetings for children in order to improve their mental health, and that of Mariela Dominguez Leandrom who shares her experience with Tibetan medicine.

This issue contains two reviews — Gabrial Marder describes Be A Good Ancestor, a coloring book by Michela Martello, while Alexander Studholme comments on Lama Shenpen Hookham’s Keeping the Dalai Lama Waiting & Other Stories, An English Womans Journey to Becoming a Lama.

In this issue we are happy to finally publish the translation of a description of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s root master, Changchub Dorje. This description, written in Tibetan umed, provides the background to the figure of Changchub Dorje painted by Drugu Choegyal. In order to gather information for the description, Drugu interviewed two elderly togdens who had met Changchub Dorje, received his teachings and had a samaya connection with him.

“When people met him, happiness became pervasive: all he said and did was appropriate and in harmony with the Teachings. The strength of the faith his disciples had in him was astounding. They fervently invoked, Nyagla Changchub Dorje, please turn your mind to me” at the moment of death, at times of danger for protection, and for guidance in choosing the right path, certain their heartfelt supplications would be perfectly granted.”

Pictures from the Past, a series recounting retreats, travels and moments spent with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, includes Giuliano Angelo Casiraghi’s account on the first retreat with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu at Subiaco in 1976 and Vladimir Maikov’s story of the Master’s first visit to Russia and the Baltic States in 1992.

Our Vajra brother Vince Li shares his story of his meeting with Rinpoche in the ‘How I Met’ feature.

“Meeting him was just to show me that I didnt need to look for more, and to discover how it is enough. It seems that like all the teachings he ever gave were aimed at that. Nothing exists outside. You dont need to look for more initiations or connections because he has given everything you need. And the rest is just to work on the inside. That is what I understood in the brief time I spent with him.”

All best wishes,

The Mirror Team

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