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We are happy to announce that the March 2023 issue of The Mirror, no.159, is now online and ready for downloading at and

The new issue presents Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s teaching The Real Meaning of Integration, transcribed from a private recording made by Rinpoche for The Mirror during his tour of Russia and Buryatia in 1992; first published in the Mirror No. 16.

With the first issue of the new Tibetan year, we auspiciously present a talk by Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo, director of the Tibetan Medicine School, about the aspects of the Water Rabbit year and the importance of the Buddhist story of the Four Friends, given on the eve of Losar at Tashigar Sur, Argentina.

As usual, we present current news and activities from different bodies of the Dzogchen Community – Ka-Ter translation projectShang Shung PublicationsASIA OnlusSangha App, as well as international Gars – Dzamling Gar, Merigar West, Merigar EastKunsangar North, Tashigar North and Tashigar South.

We share an excerpt from Dance from Tibetan Dances and Cosmic Education, an article written by Adriana Dal Borgo for the book Con Montessori ed oltre, Vol.2’ where she introduces Rinpoche’s Teachings of the Vajra Dance and Khaita Joyful Dances from an educational perspective.

In the ‘Differently One’  interview, Carmen Rivas and Gloriana Brenes talk about an exciting new program being developed in Dzamling Gar for people with diverse functionality.

We interview Alix de Fermor, the Dzamling Gar garden designer, in The Sounds and Scents of the Garden, to discover different aspects of the gardens at the Gar in Tenerife.

‘Pictures from the Past’ continues Raimondo Bultrini’s account of his time with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in Tibet in 1988. In part 7 he describes his experiences at Nyaglagar, home to Rinpoche’s root master, Changchub Dorje, and meeting the grandsons of this master.

In ‘Reflections’, Luigi Vitiello shares his thoughts on experiencing loss from the point of view of psychotherapy in ‘The Time of Mourning: Passing through Grief’.

In this issue we remember our Vajra kin who have passed away recently – Asem El Nashar, one of the founding members of the newspaper “The Mirror”, and Glòria Pinsach, Yantra Yoga instructor, professional pianist, and dedicated mom.

We talk with Italian musician Nico Lippolis about working with sound therapy in the classroom in the ‘Healers in the Community’.

After the Mandarava Retreat at Dzamling Gar in February, in Conversation With Nina Robinson, she recalls meeting the Dharma and some of her experiences as Rinpoche’s student.

John Shane, one of the founding editors of The Mirror, describes the creation of the first international newsletter of the Community, Lettera Aperta, sent out from the Namkhai family home in July 1980.

We hope you enjoy this issue and will be able to join Yeshi Silvano Namkhai’s teachings, May 12-17 at Merigar, onsite or online!

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