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We are happy to announce that the June 2023 issue of The Mirror, no.160, is now online and ready for downloading at and You can find links to those articles already published online.

The new issue presents Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s teaching The Preciousness of the Teachings given in California in 1979, reminding us that the preservation and the purity of the teachings is the responsibility of all practitioners.

As always, we bring you current news and updates from different bodies of the Dzogchen Community – the International Gakyil, Shang Shung Publications and ASIA Onlus, as well as some of the international Gars – Dzamling GarMerigar WestMerigar EastKunsangar SouthKunsangar North and Tashigar North.

In an interview with The Mirror, Nataly Nitsche and Alina Kramina, founders of ESPACIO Yoga Studio at Dzamling Gar, in Tenerife, talk about this unique public venture.

Alexandru Anton from Romania describes his work to support people in discovering their voice and identifying the subtle mental judgements that block the free flow of voice energy in an interview for ‘Healers in the Community’.

This issue presents two book reviews. Alexander Studholme reviews Red Tara,The Female Buddha of Power and Magnetism, a new book by Rachael Stevens which explores this particular form of Tara of subjugating and magnetizing activities while Andy Lukianowicz reviews The Third Karmapa Rangjung Dorje, Master of Mahamudra by Ruth Gamble, recounting his life, times and teachings and their relevance to conditions in our own time.

Pictures from the Past’ continues Raimondo Bultrini’s account of his time with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in Tibet in 1988. In part 8 he describes his experiences and offers his reflections on his time at Nyaglagar in eastern Dege, residence of Rinpoche’s root teacher, Changchub Dorje.

John Groeneveld, a Vajra brother from England, describes the circumstances that finally led to his meeting Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in the ‘How I Met’  feature.

“From Chögyal Namkai Norbu I understood that one can develop in the path without having to renounce ordinary life and relationships.”

In ‘Reflections’, poet and practitioner Jacqueline Gens offers her understanding of the principles of the view, meditation and conduct in the Dzogchen teaching.

The triad of Tawa, Gonpa, and Chöpa presented by Rinpoche was my simple road map into the vast wilderness of the unknown rather than mere intellectual inquiry while living an active worldly life.”

John Shane, poet, writer and long-time student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, shares his first-hand experiences and wonderful photo reportage of a very special trip with the Master.

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