The Mirror – Can You Give a Helping Hand?

We’d like to talk to you about The Mirror. Please take a moment to read through our message to the end to understand where we are coming from, the present situation, and where we’d like to arrive.

First issue of The Mirror, March 1, 1990

When The Mirror was founded in the early days of 1990, it was printed in Italy as a newspaper, in black and white, and was mailed out, or handed out, by subscription. The fourth issue of the newspaper in July 1990 celebrated the arrival of HH the Dalai Lama at Merigar West and printed the teaching that he gave in the Merigar Gönpa. From the start, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu was very supportive of the publication and it was, and still is, serving as a means for communication between members of the Dzogchen Community around the world.

We have come some way from those early days of the bulky newspaper format and gradually tried to adapt to a changing world and the evolving needs of our international community and our readership across the globe over the years. In December 2014 the newspaper format was transformed into an A4 full color magazine, available online for downloading and printed for paper lovers. The Mirror website was launched where the same articles were available for reading online. With time, we added an Italian language version of the website, a Russian,  Spanish and  Chinese version.  All this material is also shared online on our Facebook pages and our Telegram channels, in English and Russian.

We’ve done our very best to reach and provide material for language speakers through our international community, but now we really need your help in different ways. 

Translation teams

Can you join our voluntary translation teams to help to translate material into your language from time to time? Our Italian translation team does a wonderful job but we also need Spanish, Russian, and Chinese translators to give a hand and keep our websites up to date.

The Mirror Archive

In addition, we have a wealth of articles, teachings, and news items from 1990 onwards about the Master and the entire Dzogchen Community freely available online in our Archive. While we are investigating the creation of a search engine responding to key words, it would also give greater value to this mountain of material if we could find voluntary help to manually list the material available online such as Rinpoche’s teachings, the founding and development of Community groups and Gars, personal stories and so on.


Finally, we really depend on your monetary donations to help cover the costs of our editors, websites, layout, and printing to keep The Mirror alive. Up to now we have raised less than half of our yearly expenses.

Please donate.

Many drops make an ocean!

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