The Mirror needs your support!

Dear Dzogchen Community friends,

The Mirror has been a primary means of inter Community communication since March 1990. On several occasions, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu expressed his support for the newspaper.


The Mirror must be a bridge for communicating with all the Dzogchen Communities. It is really very important to strengthen the function of The Mirror. I think its very important that everyone communicates and collaborates.”

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
December 1990, Tashigar South, Issue 7


Since 1990, 152 issues have been published, serving not only as an important tool of communication among the members of the Dzogchen Community around the globe, but also as an invaluable archive of, first and foremost, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Teaching, travels, and numerous activities and projects worldwide, as well as a general record of as well as a general record of the activities of the different Gars and Lings and the various associations and foundations that are part of vision that are part of Rinpoche’s vision.

From its early beginnings as a newspaper, The Mirror has become a full-color magazine published quarterly as a downloadable PDF, free for everyone. There is also a small print run for those who prefer a paper copy.

In addition, The Mirror has also given its name to a website established in 2014 publishing daily news and reports from the Dzogchen Community around the world as well as Rinpoche’s teachings, interviews, reviews and much more. The Mirror website is linked to social media and articles can also be viewed on Facebook. According to Google analytics, in August 2021 we had 6,400 visitors to the website.

The Mirror is currently expanding its content with video interviews and in the near future by offering donation based announcements and publicity to its readers. We have recently streamlined material for the readers by offering a bi-weekly digest. Another important financial support would enable us to modernize and upgrade The Mirror’s invaluable historical archive, as well as participation from skilled karma yogis interested to help in this important activity.

The English language website is flanked by sister websites in ItalianRussianSpanish, and Chinese.

The Mirror is financed by the IDC covering the costs of three part-time editors, a website manager, a layout artist, and printing costs. A number of people around the globe work in karma yoga translating and giving technical support for foreign language websites.

Due to today’s challenges in covering these costs, we really need your financial support to continue publishing The Mirror in all its forms. You are our Community, our family. Please help us maintain this essential means of communication within Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s International Dzogchen Community and for the future.


With love,
The Mirror editorial team and the International Gakyil

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