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We wish you a happy, prosperous and peaceful new year. May we all have enough courage and resilience in the face of difficult circumstances, however tumultuous they might be.

We are pleased to announce that the December 2022 issue of The Mirror, no.158, is now online and ready for downloading at and

In this issue we republish the original text of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s 27 Commitments that he took when he first started to give Dzogchen teachings, as well as his inspirational commentary on them given at the SMS Third Level Training at Namgyalgar, Australia, in 2000.

Since this issue marks the beginning of a new year, it’s mainly focused on membership, newcomers and public programming in the Dzogchen Community. We offer Rinpoche’s advice On Working with Newcomers on how older students should relate to people who are newly interested, first published in The Mirror in 1993.

The International Gakyil presents the 2023 global membership appeal and policy, IG team members update and, in reply to requests of several Gakyils, some general advice on conducting courses with Santi Maha Sangha instructors.

Igor Berkhin reflects on the Value of Membership in the Dzogchen Community in an interview given for Rangdrolling, the Dzogchen Ling in the Netherlands.

Ilaria Faccioli speaks on Working together for Rinpoche’s Legacy in the context of conducting events for a wider audience in Tenerife.

As usual, we have regular news and updates from different bodies of the Dzogchen Community – Shang Shung PublicationsShang Shung Institute UK, ASIA Onlus, MACO MuseumSangha App, as well as Gars from all over the world – Dzamling GarMerigar WestMerigar EastKunsangar SouthKunsangar North, Tashigar North, Tashigar South, and Tsegyalgar West.

Our new feature – Healers in the Community – gives space to those in our Community who are dedicated to the field of healing in its many diverse aspects. The first article in this series is from medical doctor and psychotherapist Gino Vitiello from Naples, Italy – Rancor or Forgiveness? A Difficult Choice. We invite the healers in our Sangha to send us their experiences, observations and advice to share with our readers.

Our book review for this issue is Naomi Levine’s account of Charles Manson’s recently published spiritual biography Karma Pakshi (1204–1283) His Life and Legacy in the Shambhala Lives of the Masters series.

‘Pictures from the Past’ continues the account of Raimondo Bultrini’s travels with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in Tibet in 1988 with their arrival at Nyaglagar village, residence of Rinpoche’s root teacher Changchub Dorje.

John Shane shares his New Year’s resolution reflecting on maintaining the Dzogchen view in these turbulent times.

Members of the UK Dzogchen Community talk about their spiritual paths, Cindy Faulkner as a Vajra Dance teacher, Jane Weston her understanding of dream practice while Barry Patterson reminisces about the magical trip to get to Kunselling, the UK country seat set in an idyllic Welsh valley.

Tamara Khamdamova shares her story of meeting Rinpoche and following his teachings in the ‘How I met’ series.

We hope you enjoy this issue!

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