The Mirror Survey Follow-Up Letter

Dear readers,

In July we conducted an online survey with the main goal of improving and better serving our readership. We were very happy to receive feedback from more than 400 people and warmly thank all of them for their time, participation and valuable advice. Here we briefly present the results of the survey and the steps we are planning based on these results.

In general, the response was very positive. It reveals that we have many readers who visit the website and download the PDF-issue. Our content mostly corresponds to people’s interests and expectations. We could make it more visible and accessible with regular newsletters, mobile-friendly technology and up-to-date translations into other languages; diversify it with some new features, adding more videos and complementing in-depth long-reads with more entertaining, easy-to-read material; and make it more interactive with a possibility for practitioners to connect and share information.

If you would like to see the results of the survey in more detail, you can do so here.

Based on this feedback, in the near future we plan to offer donation based announcements and publicity to our readers. In addition, we have started to send out a bi-weekly digest to worldwide practitioners by email. We are also happy to inform you that The Mirror is currently expanding its content with video interviews.

A fundraising message has just been successfully launched online with part of the funds going to modernize and upgrade The Mirror’s valuable historical archive, as well as inviting skilled karma yogis interested in collaborating in this important activity.

At the moment we are initiating a search for a software to have a web version of the PDF-issue. We will try to make it more mobile and especially e-book friendly. We also consider to improve versions in other languages to provide a timely and high-quality translation.

With best wishes,
The Mirror Editorial Team

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