Tibetan Language – Guided Translation Course

The School for Tibetan Language and Translation

Deepen your knowledge of Tibetan Dharma Language with us!

In 2023 we will continue with our series of online meetings to strengthen and deepen your experience of Tibetan Dharma language.

with Fabian Sanders

From February 07th to April 14th

Tuesday 07-02-2023 and 14-02-2023, 5-6:30 PM CET,
Wednesday 22-02.2023 5-6:30 PM CET;
every Tuesday from 28-02-2023 to 04-04-2023 5-6:30 PM CEST.

A series of nine, ninety minutes online meetings every week 5-6:30pm (Italian time) in which we will focus on the parts concerning the View as explained in the Precious Vase by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Each participant can read a passage, analyse and propose a translation for it, other students may offer their suggestions, readings and questions. Finally we will come to a thorough explanation of the grammar, words and meanings.

All lectures will be audio and video recorded and made available to all students!

You can ask to participate to first lesson as a trial class.

Contribution: One class 18.00 EUR. Full package of nine classes 150 EUR

Please write to m.pansa@atiyogafoundation.org for more information.

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In the end April and the beginning of May, we will have Tibetan Language activities in Dzamling Gar. More details coming soon!

If interested contact m.pansa@atiyogafoundation.org, we will let you know the precise schedule soon.

Also the dates for XXIth TRAINING FOR TRANSLATORS FROM TIBETAN at Merigar will be announced soon.

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