SSI Russia School of Tibetan Medicine Internship in Tibet

ssi russia medicine graduate internship
As many of you know, last August the first group of students who undertook the four-year course on Tibetan medicine completed the official part of the program in Russia. This year the group of 16 graduates went to Sinin (Qinghai) for three months’ practice. This is the first time that Qinghai University College and Arura Hospital have received such a big group of Russian doctors. The practice program is very rich and consists of 99 hours of theory, 24 hours of lung transmission of the four tantras (rgyud bzhi), 238 hours of clinical practice and 49 hours of collection and identification of the raw material in the mountains. The practice will continue till 17 July, and at the end the young doctors will have to pass an internal examination for their Bachelor’s degree on Tibetan medicine.

ssi russia medicine graduate internship
The trip to Sinin requires major expenses on the part of the students and at the end of the program we will have to cover big costs for finishing the program which are not included in the budget covered by the School of Tibetan Medicine. We will need to organize a festive event in traditional Tibetan style and offer presents to express gratitude to the Tibetan professors in a proper way.

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After the students finish their practice in Tibet we will write a big report with wonderful photos!

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