Transform Rewa’s Dream into Reality

Transform Rewa's DreamThink how nice it would be if this Christmas you could invite a Tibetan child to lunch. Think how nice it would be if you could give him the warmth of your home and your affection. And how good would it be to give him a gift that lasts forever, with the hope that it will turn into certainty in his future? The child you see in the photo is called Rewa, he is 5 years old and comes from the school of Wakha, which is located at 3500 meters above sea level. In winter, the temperatures sometimes drop to -20 degrees centigrade and Rewa has to live there all year round.

The school of Wakha is located in a remote and poor area, inhabited by nomads, in the county of Namchen, in the Yushu Prefecture in Qinghai (Tibet). Here the study of the Tibetan language and culture is increasingly at risk.

The school that Rewa attends is crucial to ensuring his right to education and that of the children belonging to the local Tibetan community. Since 2013 we have been involved in the Wakha school by building a new structure with classrooms, staff offices and dormitories for over 100 students living there.

To prevent the children of this school from eating outside in the cold or mud, on rocks and tree trunks, in April 2017 we started construction of a kitchen, a refectory, toilets, showers, a sports ground and surrounding walls. The costs we have to cover are still very expensive and we need everyone’s participation. With your contribution, we can provide a place where the children of Wakha can eat in a warm and safe environment, no longer in the cold and in the rain.

With your donation, it will be as if you are inviting Rewa and the other children to your Christmas dinner…because they do not like eating outside.

Transform Rewa’s name, which means hope in Tibetan, into reality. If it is true that destiny comes with every name, then show Rewa the Hope of a better world for him and the School of Wakha.

See the video of the Wakha School

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