A Tree for the Master at Merigar West

On the occasion of the celebrations of December 8th, 2023 we planted a tree to celebrate the birth and the life of our Master. We chose it carefully; beautiful, tall and full of magnificent colors!

The hope is that the dream can continue every December 8th, with the participation of anyone who feels inspired by the project; adding a new tree, different in shape and size, to underline a path from the Stupa to the Gönpa, or to create a grove/ community of many ‘equal in diversity’.

This year we chose a Liquidambar, which is already 2 meters high. Its beauty resides in the leaves which manage to show off truly magnificent colors; a true work of Art. It has a pyramid shape, with several ramifications, very similar to that of the Maple. The leaves have a color ranging from the light green of the summer to the thousand shades of gold and red, brown and orange of autumn.

This amber tree produces a viscous substance – styrax – which has a consistency similar to that of honey, is opaque and has a very good scent reminiscent of certain types of incense due to the presence of cinnamic acid and vanillin. It is a very robust tree, it is not afraid of the cold and resists down to -15/20 degrees, therefore perfect for Merigar.

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