Upcoming Events at Kunsangar North

Dear Sangha,

Here is a preliminary schedule of the upcoming events at Kunsangar North, Russia, both online and offline.

2-4 April and 9-11 April

Art of Thangka with Larisa Rozhnova (offline)

3-4 April

Dance of the Three Vajras (Irregular) with Manidari Dobdonova and Uliana Sokolova (offline)

4 April

Lecture ‘Guru Yoga of the white A. Teacher, Teaching, Transmission’ with SMS instructor Alexander Gomonov (online). Registration: https://clck.ru/U2AsM

21-26 April

SMS retreat with Alexander Gomonov: Liberation of 5 passions in the vision of inseparability of body, speech and mind in the Dzogchen meditation and conduct. Registration: https://forms.gle/KwkexpAkX7zVE5879 (online)

30 April – 2 May

Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen with Igor Legati (online)

8-10 May

Practical retreat on Shitro with Grisha Mokhin (offline)

8-10 May

Open course on Vajra Dance that Benefits All Beings (offline)

21 May, 7:00-9:00 pm (GMT+3)

Lecture with Fabio Risolo on the profound meaning of Dzamling Gar Song

22-23 May

Retreat on Dzamling Gar Dance and Song with Adriana Dal Borgo (online) and offline sessions with Vladimir Belyaev

22-23 May

Semdzins with Alfredo Colitto (online)

End of May

Retreat with Oliver Leick (topic to be agreed, online)

11-13 June

25 Spaces of Samantabhadra with Gabriella Schneider (online)


SMS retreat with Gabriella Dalesio (topic TBC)


Vajra Dance retreat with Stoffelina Verdonk


Gomadevi retreat with Enzo Terzano (online)


Bodhichitta: Its Essence, its Training, the Way to Practice it and the Way to Apply it in the daily life with Gabriella Schneider (online)

26-31 September

Offline retreat with Alexander Skwara

Every Tuesday

Weekly practice of the Guardians with Alexander Pubants (online)

The schedule is to be clarified and updated with other events on Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga and Khaita with local instructors. For more information, please contact Kunsangar North Gakyil: kunsangar.north@gmail.com.

Kunsangar North by Yulia Mikheykina

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