Update on Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Health

Dear Vajra brothers and sisters,

A few updates on our dear and precious Master.

As you know, the doctors have diagnosed a serious attack of arthritis, prescribed treatment, and recommended rest.

All the people of the Community are helping as they can, and it is not possible to thank one by one all the people who have written to show their affection and offer their help. This, however, has been communicated to the Master who thanks everyone.

In particular, we want to thank people who, on behalf of the whole Sangha, are physically close to the Master at this time, working for everything that is needed for his immediate healing.

The situation is now much better, and Rinpoche’s pain is lessening, but it will take time and it is still not possible to plan the details of his program for the next few weeks.

With devotion

Giovanna Natalini
(Merigar West)

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