Update from Kunsangar North

Dear and beloved friends, joyful greetings to everyone from Kunsangar North. After a long, cold and snowy winter, spring comes to the Gar, and the crowns of the centuries-old pine trees rise into the clear blue sunny sky.

Life at the Gar continues, still working for the benefit of all Rinpoche’s students and all guests.

We celebrated the New Year 2024 according to the Western calendar. More than 100 people came to the Gar and we had a lot of fun. We prepared food with our own hands, shared our recipes and the joy of being together.

December 31 – January 2: New Year celebration

Some celebrated midnight with a glass of champagne, some by practicing in the Stupa of Perfect Victory, and some traditionally on the Vajra Dance mandala. Then there were many songs, competitions, games, jokes, laughter – the snow sparkled with blue light, the faces of Rinpoche’s students sparkled with happiness.

In February we celebrated Losar just as well: joyfully dancing on the mandala, dancing Khaita, playing the “Liberation” game and organizing mini-retreats with instructors. On the most auspicious days, we hung out the lungta, which we had printed ourselves at the Gar on our own equipment.

New lungta

It is very encouraging that Rinpoche’s students have begun to come to the Gar more and more often – to conduct personal retreats, including dark retreats, as well as to independently organize and do practice in the gönpa. Volunteers and karma yogis willingly come to help.

February 23-25: Retreat on the Dance of the Three Vajras

We sincerely thank all the instructors who hold retreats at the Gar, especially the Vajra Dance instructors and the Santi Maha Sangha instructors.

December 2, 2023: Khaita teleconference with Kunsangar South

As always, there is a lot of restoration work going on at the Gar. The most important activity is the major renovation of the administrative building in accordance with regulations from the fire department. We are very grateful to the professional architects from the Community who completed a very complex project doing it as karma yoga. Thanks to their dedicated work, the Community saved a huge amount of money.

January 3-8: Retreat with Viktor Krachkovsky on the 7th Lojong

In the summer, we plan to restore the walking paths at the Gar, create meditation and relaxation areas throughout the area, and much more.

We thank everyone who cares and is ready to help, and we always invite you and look forward to seeing you at the retreats!

With love,
Kunsangar North Gakyil

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