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Shang Shung Publications Russia continues to publish books of our teacher Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, books for a wider audience, and many Dzogchen Community practice booklets in the Russian language. Our mission is to make all published teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu available to Russian readers worldwide.

In August we published a wonderful book, Vision of Clear Light and the Crucial Points of Dzogchen Practice, which includes profound instructions on the Great Perfection transmitted by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu during a retreat dedicated to the teaching by Paltrul Rinpoche. The root text by Paltrul Rinpoche is based on essential indications received by the great Dzogchen master Mingyur Namkhai Dorje in a pure vision in which his root guru, Jigmed Gyalvai Nyugu, bestowed on him his spiritual testament in a few words, explaining the crucial moments of the Dzogchen practice and transmitting the essential instructions on Upadesha Tregcho practice. Paltrul Rinpoche, who himself was a disciple of Jigmed Gyalvai Nyugu, wrote down this teaching in Mingyur Namkhai Dorje’s words and added his own commentary. In his inspirational instructions addressed to modern Dzogchen practitioners, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu goes into the most important moments of these precious teachings by Jigmed Gyalvai Nyugu, Mingyur Namkhai Dorje and Paltrul Rinpoche. The Tibetan title is: rdzogs pa chen po’i nyams len gyi gnad mthar thug pa’i rtsa ’grel ’od gsal gyi snang cha zhes bya ba bzhugs so.

You can purchase this book both in hard and soft copy in the SSP Russia webstore: https://shangshungstore.ru/catalog/knigi-dlya-chlenov-do/sozertsanie/videnie-yasnogo-sveta-detail.html

The original publication in English: https://shop.shangshungfoundation.com/it/riservato/289-the-vision-of-clear-light-2370000132659.html

Besides this, not long ago we published the first edition of the new series called Longsal Commentaries, The Crucial Preliminaries of the Path of Ati, which contains the unique instructions on the practice of the outer, inner and secret Rushens of Dzogchen Upadesha, as well as the seven main Semdzins from the Longsal Cycle, or The Luminous Clarity of the Universe, Heart Essence of the Dakinis. In particular, it contains a practice of purification of the Six Lokas based on the principle of the “reversal” (ru log) of samsara, combined with the Vajrasattva purification. The detailed commentary on this extraordinary upadesha is followed by an abridged version of this practice, known as the Preliminaries of the Path of Ati (A ti lam gyi sngon ’gro).

The book was published in a limited edition and is dedicated only to practitioners of the Dzogchen Community who received transmission of these teachings or root initiation of Longsal Jnanadakini from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. We plan to continue the Longsal Commentary series with two other volumes.

More details: https://shangshungstore.ru/catalog/knigi-dlya-chlenov-do/sozertsanie/predvaritelnye-praktiki-ati-detail.html.

The original publication in English: https://shop.shangshungfoundation.com/en/restricted/784-the-crucial-preliminaries-of-the-path-of-ati-2000000002507.html

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our jindag friends (sponsors) whose support makes it possible to publish these books!

We continue working on new books in the Russian language. In our immediate plans – the biographies of the great masters Nyagla Pema Dudul and Togden Shakya Shru, 3rd and 10th volumes of the Longsal Teachings, the root Semde tantra Total Space of Vajrasattva and many others.

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