Update from Tashigar North

Update from Tashigar North

Dear Vajra Family,

It has been a while since we sent out a communication announcing the launch of our Permanent Fundraising whose first goal is to collect US$ 15,000 before December 31st 2020 to cover our 2021 general budget. We would like to thank you very much for your warm response either with concrete donations, practice, merits, offering your skills or any form of positive energy that is contributing to our purpose to keep Tashigar Norte running. So far we have collected US$ 5,983,79 which is 40% of our estimated projection of expenses with 5 months to go.

Certainly we would love to be informing you about our current Teaching Schedule, but our circumstances force us to be more focused in our basic survival. One of the main limitations we have is the good fortune to have practitioners around to help us to carry out our daily routines, including the natural aspects of our function as an IDC entity. That is why in addition to our fundraising campaign we are launching a program to encourage people to come and support us here. Since our early years Tashigar Norte has been supported mostly by the International Community. We are not well grounded locally and we do not have any Ling connected to us, so our base of members – either to support us financially or with their direct energy – serving here as Gakyil or even just being present to do Practice or Karma Yoga is not enough. We are looking for ways to assemble a Project to work on this aspect.


Brainstorming with some advisors we think that the most suitable “immigrant” profile would be Russian or Chinese practitioners, as their governments are aligned with the local regime. However, this does not guarantee the success of the immigration project and does not limit practitioners from other countries applying for the program.

We basically offer:

  • A comfortable place to stay.
  • A warm place to practice.
  • The opportunity to serve here in any voluntary position.
  • As there is also plenty of space to work the land, if you have some project in mind that involves land this could be the answer. We are interested in any sort of organic production. Some parts of the land have already been set out under the principles of Permaculture.
  • We have the infrastructure to operate a restaurant.
  • We have an (unstable) internet connection that does not work if you have a particular schedule but it has moments of good connectivity. This point can be improved with the addition of another line.
  • If you are a musician at the Gar we also have a very well equipped Home Studio (up to 16 channels) with some interesting equipment: 4 tube guitar amplifiers (2 twin reverb, 1 vibrolux and 1 Fender Blues d’ Lux); 1 MM8 Yamaha synthesizer; 1 drum set; several dynamic and condenser microphones; 1 direct box 4 channels and some other instruments. Everything runs on Digital technology and we count with Protools, Cubase and Ableton Live DAWS.
  • If you are an animal lover, the Gar is still running the ALFF Project (or Tashi Refuge) that hosts about 25 animals between cats and dogs at the Gar.
  • If you are interested in any of these topics, please write to us at rolocb76@gmail.com so that we can send you all the information you SHOULD KNOW in advance about local circumstances. Also if you would like to help us to coordinate this project (mostly if you are based in Russia or China) your contribution will be very welcome. Of course all of this project will be carried out in a post-pandemic situation. Dmitri Kalmikov, our Red Gakyil, will soon post an article with some tips and advice on how to migrate to Venezuela, as he himself did it recently from Russia.

Update from Tashigar NorthUpdate from Tashigar North


Our fundraising is still going on, ending its first phase on December 31st. It has as an operation center the website https://tashigarnortesecreta.wixsite.com/tashishop where you can find the programs and products related to this activity. We still have our postcards and Nutrabrain products for sale. If you have some idea on how to improve them or if you have a “product” you would like to offer through the site please contact us at tashigarnortesecretary@gmail.com.

Since we have a Google Suite Meet Room, we will continue with our program of ONLINE CONCERTS aimed at reminding our Vajra Family about our activities and to use it as a pretext to share good moments together. It is highly recommended to perform a Ganapuja specially dedicated to the preservation of Tashigar Norte before or after each broadcast to reinforce our real intention in doing such activities.

Having this room available also lets us extend our activities – besides ONLINE CONCERTS – to actually  broadcast Teachings. The idea we have is to invite our IDC instructors to offer courses through it and to donate the collected revenue to our Fundraising activity. If you are an instructor and have the opportunity to do this, please contact Marina Kashkurova or Migdalia Valentina at kashkurova@gmail.com or migdaliavalentina@gmail.com.


As you probably know, for almost 5 years Marina Kashkurova has been leading a project to take care of stray dogs and cats. She organizes spay campaigns and her help is often requested by local people when they have some problems with their pets or some particular cases. Also inside the Gar there is a shelter for over 20 dogs and cats. This project manages its own financial resources (meaning it does not take any funds from the Gakyil budget) so if you feel you can contribute please contact Marina at kashkurova@gmail.com and visit https://www.instagram.com/tashirefuge/ or https://www.facebook.com/Tashi-Refuge-103809644422773/

Update from Tashigar North      Update from Tashigar North

As I mentioned before we do not have a solid program and due the instability of the internet connection it is hard to engage constantly in the many ONLINE programs from our IDC centers, but anyhow we would like to thank you very much for your efforts. We do manage to connect when circumstances help us (mostly late at night). We do all the Ganapujas and recently a group of practitioners have been very active practicing Yantra Yoga twice a day from Monday to Friday! Even our little ones are participating!

Besides coordinating the ONLINE activities of the fundraising, Marina and Valentina are taking care of our social media. So one way to support us is to friend us on Facebook or Instagram where we will be constantly posting our progress and general activities: https://www.facebook.com/tashigar.norte.9  and https://www.instagram.com/tashigarnorte/.

With Love,

Rolo Carrasco
TN Yellow Gakyil

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