Update from the School of Tibetan Medicine Russia

The outside world continues to throw up new challenges to all of us and at the same time Tibetan medicine demonstrates new facets of relevance and effectiveness in modern conditions. And at the School of Tibetan Medicine, offline and online training programs are successfully continuing, preparing wonderful specialists who strive to help all beings and reduce their suffering.

In September 2021, the latest program on Kunye external therapy was completed. Initially, the program consisted of four mandatory modules, now it has been slightly modified and the diploma after the final exam in theory and practice is issued at the end of the 3rd module. Twelve diligent graduates of the program have been working towards this goal for a year and a half and, despite all external obstacles, came to Kunsangar North for practical training, each time demonstrating their progress in the application of Kunye methods. We are proud of each of them and sincerely wish them great success on the joyful path of caring for the health of living beings! This is the second graduation of certified Kunye therapists at our school, graduates of the third stream are waiting for the completion of the program.

One of our newest programs – Diet in Tibetan medicine – consists of three main modules and lasts a year and a half. The first two modules are completely online, while the third one is practical, and with a successful combination of circumstances, it may be offline. 
At the moment two groups are approaching the end of this program and in the spring of 2022 we will start enrolling a new group. Upon successful completion of all tests, graduates of the program become specialists in diet (nutrition) in Tibetan medicine. 

In 2018, we completed our first major program in Tibetan medicine, which lasted five years and gave the world 35 unique specialists in Tibetan medicine – Menpa (Doctor of Tibetan medicine). Some graduates selected by Professor Phuntsog Wangmo have completed additional training and become her assistants and now, thanks to their help and knowledge, the programs are successfully continuing even without the full-time presence of the main teacher. 

So, Alexander Popov, Artem Verny and Nima Budazhapov conduct all the practical classes of the Kunye external therapy program, while the course is based on theory and practice recordings with Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo and also live online sessions with her. And our irreplaceable Irina Pankevich and Madegma Budaeva assist Dr. Phuntsog in all courses on diet in Tibetan medicine, as well as help in other courses and seminars while working as doctors of Tibetan medicine at the Tibetan medicine clinic at Dzamling Gar. For a long time they have been the main representatives of our school in Tenerife.

This year, a new stage of the project of the Tibetan medicine clinic was launched at Kunsangar North. Within the framework of the “All-Good Health Days” project, our graduates conduct consultations and perform procedures for everyone who needs them. We have already gathered a lot of grateful and inspiring feedback about the work of our specialists. The clinic project will continue and expand and you can contact us for face-to-face and online consultations.

For any questions related to the activities of the School of Tibetan Medicine of the Shang Shung Institute, please contact the director of its Russian branch – Vladimir Belyaev: stm@shangshung.ru, +7(926)5899148

If you are interested in the mission of the school of Tibetan Medicine and have interesting wishes and suggestions for its development in general or on individual projects, or have a desire to cooperate, write to us – we will be very happy to hear from you!

The School of Tibetan Medicine sends each of you the warmest wishes for good health and well-being! 



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