Update on Project for Installing Photovoltaic Panels

We would like to Thank everyone who has contributed to this project and share with you the results of this campaign so far.
We estimated the total need of the gar to 25 kw solar power, which would mean in Romania a cost of about 35,000 EUR. We started with a smaller option of 3kw solar panels and batteries, to stabilize the deep well water pump that is giving water to the whole gar.
For 3 kw photovoltaic panels + batteries of 5kw the best offer we received, after consulting 6 companies was 5000 EUR.
We started the campaign at the beginning of the year and gathered around 652 EUR so far. We still need your support! Every bit counts!

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In the meanwhile we installed the solar panels and paid the 5000 EUR out of our regular budget, to start saving on electricity. The panels and batteries are working very well and we have managed to stabilize part of the gar: the Gonpa, camping kitchen and water pump. What is still missing is energetic autonomy for the guesthouse/dormitory, the retreat cabin and the geko house.
We started and we are on a good track!

The second priority project for us is Renovating Rinpoche’s House in the village. The Namkhai Family donated the house to Merigar East association. We consulted Rosa Namkhai regarding the repairs and she suggested we start renting the house to gather the money. We rented the house for the whole summer and gathered 1500 EUR.

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With your help and your contribution we can start the necessary repairs next year.

BASIC (necessary budget 6.000-10.000 EUR)

ADVANCED (necessary budget 25.000 EUR)

Let’s Enjoy together this beautiful place given by Rinpoche.

Support Us and be the change you want to see in ME!

With Love,
Merigar East Gakyil.


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