Vajra Dance 1st Level Teachers Training

with Adriana Dal Borgo

April 4 – 10,  2024 Onsite in Dzamling Gar

1st Level Vajra Dance includes:

  • Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings (6 Spaces),
  • Dance of the Three Vajras,
  • Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 A).

This seven day course will be the first part (A) of the program to prepare candidates who will be supervised in order to become 1 st level Vajra Dance instructors.
The second part (B) will take place at Merigar West, September 5-8, 2024.
Online participation in the second part (B) will be allowed for those who have participated in the first part (A) in April 2024 or have already attended the teacher training in August 2023 (at Tsegyalgar East).
A supervision course will conclude the program for those who participated in the Teachers Training (on-site part A + B) and will take place at the beginning of 2025.

Teacher Training first part (A) contents:

  • Introduction to the Vajra Dance, principles, benefits on different levels.
  • Deepening knowledge of the steps and movements of the Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings and the Dance of the Three Vajras.
  • Training to properly sing the melodies of the mantras while dancing.
  • Didactic aspects and elements of communication while teaching.
  • How to present the Vajra Dance in different contexts: language and contents.

Teacher Training second part (B) contents: (Sept. 2024)

  • The Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12A)
  • Study and reflection on the meaning of the three characteristics and integration



  • Those who have received the transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or Yeshi Namkhai. 
  • Existing, up-to-date members of the International Dzogchen Community, that is, those who have been members from 2020 or prior until 2023 and whose membership is up to date. Applications from aspirants whose membership is after 2020 will be reviewed by the Teacher leading the Teacher Training. 
  • Those who have attended 1st level Vajra Dance courses with qualified Instructors and have a good knowledge of both female and male parts of the Dances.



Candidates to become YY Instructors: Per day: 40€, Full Retreat: 300€

Authorized VD teachers are offered a 50% discount.

Second level VD instructors: Free donation.



Dzamling Gar has a limited number of places to offer for an accesible price to candidates to the TT, and instructors. Priority will be given to those who are applying to become YY instructors.  

The deadline to apply for such accesible accommodation is 20/2/2024.

A waiting list has been created by our Accommodation Manager for this purpose. Applications will be analysed and vacancies given according to the priority previously mentioned. 

If you decide to apply for accommodation in Dzamling Gar, please mention your modality of participation in the Vajra Dance Teacher Training.



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