Vajra Dance at Namgyalgar South with Lynne Geary

Vajra Dance NS June 2014Dancing and Purifying at Namgyal Gar South

What better way to welcome the arrival of winter at Namgyal Gar South, on the south coast of New South Wales, than by dancing in the gompa with the wood-fired heater keeping us cosy. Lynne Geary led a deepening course in the Vajra Dance of the Six Spaces of Samantabhadra over the holiday weekend in the first week of June.

We started each day seated around the mandala doing the Purification of Six Lokas practice followed by the dance. Lynne then patiently went over all the steps, clarifying foot points, arm and hand movements and timing,

This was wonderful preparation for those of us who will attend the advanced Vajra Dance course to be led by Adriana Dal Borgo after Rinpoche’s teaching retreat at Namgyal Gar North in October this year. For all of us, it was a welcome opportunity to do this profound practice.

In our last session with Lynne, she reminded us that Rinpoche has said that dancing makes us happy – prompting us to lighten up and enjoy!! We did indeed – all feeling a bit more graceful, relaxed and happy, more confident and more able to be present in the practice of the dance.

Many thanks to Lynne! A la la ho!


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