Vajra Dance at Tashigar North in March 2015

Deepening the Vajra Dance course with Bodhi Krause March 6-8, 2015 at Tashigar North

Deepening the Vajra Dance course with Bodhi Krause March 6-8, 2015 at Tashigar North

Deepening Course of the Dance of the Song of Vajra led by Bodhi Krause at Tashigar Norte

We were very fortunate to enjoy the Deepening Course of the Vajra Dance led by Bodhi Krause, in Tashigar Norte. The experience started the 6th of March with the training of the Dance of the A. It was a kind of refreshing of the state of Guruyoga. After that, we trained the Kha Long Dorjei Kar, the Dance of Twelve A’s to go deeper in the state of contemplation in movement which is the main point of the Vajra Dance and the integration of that state into the daily life of the Dzogchen practitioners. We continued with the Dance of the Three Vajras and the Dance to Benefit to All the Sentient Beings to finish with the Dance of the Song of Vajra, in the last session of the course the 8th of March.

It was an amazing tour of the essence of all the dances what we know, emphasizing the main points of each of them. Also we understood how everything develop from the A through Om A Hum, to ‘A A Ha Sha Sa Ma and to the Song of Vajra. But to experience the essence, the key is in the dance and sound and presence.

Bodhi kindly explained the outer and inner meaning of the earth mandala. We had also the opportunity to ask about all the doubts and questions about the Vajra Dance and Bodhi, full of patience, gave the answers to all of us.

So, we again are very thankful to our teacher Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to transmit these unbelievable teachings from the dakini’s world to the human realm. We are also thankful to Bodhi and all of Vajra Dance instructors who do their best to collaborate with the mission of our Teacher.

Carlos García

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