Vajra Dance at Wodsalling, Russia

Our wonderful retreat on Vajra Dance of Khalongdorjeikar via teleconference from Dzamling Gar has come to an end! 7 days in one space, on one planet, on one mandala. It is so great to understand and see that we are from different corners of the earth and in the same process. The pandemic has its advantages.

We hope that very soon we will be able to hug each other. Thank you very much to everyone who was with us! Thank you, Prima Mai, for your example and inspiration, for your reverence for the transmission and for your great love for your life’s work, and for the people around you.

Thank you, Yana Sokolova, for responding and being with us, patiently correcting and tirelessly dancing with each of us on the mandala, for taking care of us. It’s happiness that we have such instructors.

Thank you, Yulian Klenov, without your support and technical advice, we would have had a very difficult time. And we probably would not have dared.

Thank you, Anna Apraksina, for the translation into Russian and for your support.

Thank you, Sveta Gaiduk, for giving us an impulse, feeding us and carefully supporting us in organizing the retreat.

Thank you, Marina Gustova, for the coffee bar, endlessly delicious coffee and snacks, and for many years of joint retreats. Anastasia Popova, Irina Mikhailovskaya, Zukhra Miftakhova, Kristina Bokova, Evgenia Edutova, Tatyana Lvovna, Maria, Olga Moiseeva, Yulia Potekhina, Guzel Khafizova, Elena, Yuri Vechernin, Andrey, Alexander.

Thank you to everyone who came to the retreat: to find time in three days and rush to the retreat — this is great. Thank you all for organizing a wonderful dance retreat together.

All these days I have been thinking about collaboration.

I understand more and more what Namkhai Norbu told us, urging us to collaborate. The energy multiplies in progression, as soon as we carry out tasks together, obstacles are washed away by a wave of intention, horizons expand, and personal practice improves significantly. Together we are the unstoppable force of love and goodness. May there be more happiness in the world!

Yulia Ustinova, Wodsalling, Yakhroma, Russia

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