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Solar System and Earth Mandala of the Vajra Dance – coloring Template update

Dear Sangha Family,

Homage to our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and all great Masters and teachers of the past, present, and future times offering teachings and compassionate guidance to benefit infinite beings.

mandalas colouring templateRinpoche explained that when we see the Universal Mandala of the Dance of the Vajra, it functions as a Thongdrol, an object that leads to liberation upon being seen, meaning whoever sees this mandala is guaranteed to enter a path toward liberation in this or future lifetimes.

Here you can find the previous email about Universal Mandala.



mandalas colouring templateThe Universal or large Mandala includes the small or Earth Mandala expanding into the medium or Solar System Mandala and further expanding into the large or Universal Mandala which functions as a Thongdrol.

The Earth and Solar System Mandala are inseparable of the Universal Mandala, same as Body, Speech and Mind are inseparable and when we activate the Earth Mandala with the Dance of the Vajra being in the state of contemplation, we activate always the complete large mandala, even if we could not materialize and show the universal mandala physically.

I received requests to also include separate templates for coloring just the medium and small mandalas and added two more templates.

The updated Universal Mandala Coloring template is printable along with instructions and is offered for free to Dzogchen Community members. Please treat it with the utmost respect.

mandalas colouring template


On this occasion, I also like to thank all who wished and enjoyed to support with even small donations our mandala creations and Atiyoga Foundation activities. Donation credentials you can find on first page of PDF with the template.

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Prima Mai

International Vajra Dance Teacher

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