Vajra Dance Public Book Project

vajra dance public book
The Vajra Dance team is pleased to present a new project we are working on: texts about Vajra Dance open to the general public.

Until now, those who are interested in reading to learn a little more about Vajra Dance do not have much material available. With this project we would like to respond to this need, which has become more and more evident since the Teaching of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu started to spread outside the Dzogchen Community and especially since we started to hold open classes.

The project aims to initially produce a book dedicated to our Master’s teachings on the Vajra Dance. This will mainly contain Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s original writings and in particular explanations of those Dances declared ‘open’ (The Dance of the Six Spaces and the Dance of the Three Vajras), complemented by verified transcriptions of selected oral teachings.

This volume will partially draw on the existing ‘internal’ book on the Vajra Dance, translated from Tibetan by Adriano Clemente and published in 2015.  It will be completed by clear descriptions of the steps, to facilitate their understanding.

This project has a cost: the editor’s part, which we will finance as the VD team, is about 5000 euro.

If you think it is a useful and beneficial project, please support us according to your possibilities: drops make an ocean!

For a donation, it is important to specify ‘Vajra Dance’ in the reason for the donation:

Heartfelt thanks from all of us

Adriana Dal Borgo
on behalf of the Vajra Dance team

vajra dance public book

The first Vajra Dance Mandala at Merigar, Italy, in 1991.


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