Vajra Dance of Space at Namgyalgar July 2023

The magical net of illusion drew 12 of us to Namgyalgar in the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia, for a deep dive into the Vajra Dance of Space – Khalong Dorje Kar of the Song of the Vajra. Facilitated by Thuy and Rosemary, we all appreciated co-leading support of Jorrit as 3 confident dancers enabled the group to tangibly internalise and integrate the experiences of clarity and emptiness via sound and movement.

Winter in the Glasshouse Mountains welcomed us with ever changing blue and grey skies, warming our hearts and minds with an outdoor-grass khalong etched by Jorrit, comfy tatami-matted gönpa floor, visually stunning mandala walls, swarming bees creating honey pots in the witches kitchen and a hearty fire under a wicked moonlight. Thuy and Gavin from Tassie, Jo from Melbourne, Alima and Dieter from Cairns joined locals Ruth, Tommy, Anna, Jorrit, Liz, Shanti and Rosemary in an unforgettable portal merging outer, inner and secret dimensions.

May the 2 omnisciences blaze.
Do join us next year if you can.

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