Warm Gönpa – Warm Heart

This winter we launched the project “Warm Gönpa – Warm Heart” at Kunsangar South. The winter season in Crimea can be snowy, with strong winds and cold weather, but despite this scheduled Ganapujas, Vajra Dances on the Mandala, and other collective practices continue to take place in the Gönpa.

Most people who participate in the events know that it’s better to come to the Gönpa in warm clothes, gloves, scarves, and warm the precious body with hot water. But there are only a few Pamos and Pawos who are prepared so well.

Luckily, it’s possible to turn on the underfloor heating in the Gönpa. It takes the floors a long time to warm up, almost a day. But, as experience shows, the pleasure of uniting in dance and practice is unconditional. When the news appears in the Gar chat that the floors are turned on for the upcoming practice and the Gönpa is heated, this undoubtedly attracts more people who want to unite in practice.

The goal of the project “Warm Gönpa – Warm Heart” was to create the necessary conditions for performing practices in the cold season and attracting close and distant friends to the Gar. With the financial support of the project participants, we managed to pay for the heating in the Gönpa, which made it possible to organize collective practices every weekend.

In the morning we did Sang and Serkyem, before lunch and in the evening we danced the Vajra Dance and Khaita, during the day we performed collective practices: Guru Yoga with the white A and the invocation of Garab Dorje, purification of the Six Lokas with Vajrasattva, Ganapuja, Khorva Tongtrug, the long life practice of Jnanadakini Mandarava, Shitro and the 25 Spaces of Samantabhadra. At the weekends, we prepared joint dinners, which also united people under the roof of the Gar and at the same table. Practitioners from different cities of Crimea, guests of the Gar, and residents of the Gar on a permanent basis took part in this project.

Perhaps those who participated in the events of the project “Warm Gönpa – Warm Heart” would love to share with others their impressions about its organization and wishes for the future. When there is a desire to do something for others, it manifests itself in action and pleases the heart. The development of the Dzogchen Community, the Jewel created and left to us by our Precious Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, depends only on us.

The Gakyil of Kunsangar South

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