Webcast Merigar Easter Retreat 6th to 10th April

webcast practices merigarDear all,

We  are very pleased to announce our next webcast retreat from Merigar

Easter Retreat
Viewing Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Teachings – Instructions on Medjung, a tantra of Dzogchen Semde

The retreat, meant for those who have received Teachings from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or Yeshi Silvano Namkhai, will consist of viewing the Teachings given by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu at Merigar, from August 10th to 16th 2009, called The Marvelous – Instructions on Medjung – a tantra of Dzogchen Semde.

“This ancient text teaches all the essential principles of Ati Dzogchen that can be subsumed in the view without fixations, contemplation beyond concepts, and the fruit that is not obtained by treading a path. Therefore, this book contains the essence of all sutras and tantras of the Buddha’s teaching, with nothing missing.”
— Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Schedule (Italian time – CEST – GMT/UTC + 2h)

Thursday 6 April
17:00-19:00 Video of the of the first session of the retreat

Friday 7 April
10-12 Video of the of the second session of the retreat
16-18 Video of the of the third session of the retreat

Saturday 8th April
10-12 Video of the of the fourth session of the retreat
16-18 Video of the of the fifth session of the retreat

Sunday 9 April (Easter)
10-12 Video of the of the sixth session of the retreat

Monday 10 April (Easter Monday)
10-12 Video of the of the seventh and last session of the retreat

The retreat will be in English with Italian translation. If you wish to organize and translate in other languages please contact us at office@dzogchen.it

The retreat will be broadcast in closed webcast.
sent via Practicing Together Closed Stream  [use login and password]

connect to the closed webcast at:

Suggested reading:

The Marvelous Primordial State The Mejung Tantra available as ebook or book

thanks for your participation

wishing the best to all of you
with warm and kind regards

Webcast Team

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