Webcast Practice from Merigar, Friday November 18th

webcast practices merigarDear all,

We’re pleased to announce our next webcast from Merigar
[GMT+1:00] Italian Time CET

Friday November 18th
17:00 Explanations on the practice of Shiné according to the Dzogchen teaching, given by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu during the retreat “Introduction to the state of Ati” held in Tashigar Norte, Margarita Island – Venezuela, in March 2013 (closed webcast)

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This video is the beginning of a short retreat we will hold at Merigar on that topic at the weekend. The other sessions, led by SMS instructors, will be in Italian only, in presence or in zoom (no webcast). For info: https://www.merigar.it/it/corsi-e-eventi/la-pratica-di-shine-2022/

19:30 Short Ganapuja (open webcast)

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