Webcast Practices from Merigar & Kunsangar 19-25 July

webcast practices merigarDear all,

We are very pleased to announce our next webcast practices from Merigar (Italy) & Kunsangar North (Russia) for this week.

Please note that the times are : Merigar [GMT+2:00], Kunsangar North [GMT+3:00]

Connect to the webcast at:

Thanks a lot for your participation

Wishing the best for all of you
With warm and kind regards

Webcast Team


Webcast schedule from Merigar (GMT+2:00)

Monday, 19 July
5:00am Worldwide Guruyoga Padmasambhava Day
[explanation of the practice by Adriano, the only difference being the Mantra because that was for Adzom Drukpa] at:

Saturday, 24 July
6:30pm Medium Ganapuja with Namkha and Lungta authentication

Sunday, 25 July
6:30pm Long life practice of Mandarava

From Kunsangar North (GMT+3:00)

22-25 of July – Practice retreat – the Dzogchen Community Weekend will be held in Kunsangar North!

Friday, 23 July
6:00pm to 7:30pm – session of Q&A with Adriano Clemente

Saturday, 24 July
The 30th anniversary of the Vajra Dance on Earth
11:00am – 12.30pm – Talk by Prima Mai on the Vajra Dance
5:00pm – 6:30pm – Talk by Adriana Dal Borgo “Dancing for harmony in daily life”

Sunday, 25 July
11:00am – 12.30pm – Talk by Fabio Andrico “Yantra Yoga as an aspect of behavior according to Santi Maha Sangha”

While in many teachings the methods of meditation are based on philosophical views, in the Dzogchen teaching the view is learned through experience and not on the basis of conceptions.We need to go beyond the limits of our rational mind that judges and thinks in order to be in our true nature. That doesn’t mean that we’re trying to eliminate or destroy our mind. It means that we apply different methods to manifest its potential without falling into being conditioned by specific manifestations.

We all received many teachings and instructions while our Dear Master was physically with us.  Now it is time to apply these methods and realize their fruits through practice.

Rinpoche always focused our attention on the importance and power of collective practices – on indivisibility of the Master, the Teaching and the Sangha. Practicing together – we consolidate our energy and increase our capacities and realizations of the practice.

Let’s unite our potential during the retreat of the Dzogchen Community ay Kunsangar North!

(For full announcement and schedule follow the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l0cl1DgOOEa88OEBgLjYoPzsWKixSwLsSLisUfjyJc4/edit?usp=sharing)

The retreat is organized according to the principle of generosity. All funds will be directed to maintenance and development of Kunsangar North. You can make your donation for Kunsangar North by paypal  https://paypal.me/northkunsangar indicating “DC”.

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