Weekly Schedule of Kundrolling in NYC

News this week and next:

*** Shitro will be at 1 pm ET every day – we are sorry for the confusion.*** The only change will be when we practice with Merigar on Thursdays through the Practicing Together webcast.

IDC Kundrolling Potluck Dinner
Get together after so long and welcome new members!
Saturday, 20th of November
6 pm to 10 pm ET
Address: 93 Summit Street #1, Brooklyn, NY
Email: nydzogchencomm@gmail.com for more information
Food sign up here
Guests must be vaccinated to attend

Full Moon Ganapuja with IDC Tsegyalgar East and IDC Kundrolling
November 19th 2021  – 7:00 pm ET – zoom.us meeting number 812 1306 2357  Password: VAJRADANCE

Shitro Practicing Together 
Thursday, November 18th at 12:00 pm ET – from Merigar West


Online Practice with IDC Kundrolling:

9 am ET – Ongoing Practice of Odzer Chenma for IDC Kundrolling and Dondrubling (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only)

10 am  – 12 pm ET – Every other Sunday starting from 21st November.  – Deepening in the Kumbhaka with Patrizia Pearl (every other Sunday upcoming on the 21st of November.)

10 am ET – Practise of the Precious Vase with authorized Santi Maha Sangha instructor Steven Landsberg and Tsegyalgar East (Wednesdays, check website for schedule: https://www.tsegyalgar.org/tsegyalgar-east/events-calendar/practise-of-the-precious-vase/)

10:30 am – 12 pm ET – Opening the Door to Practice with Steve Landsberg for newcomers to Dzogchen (Saturdays)

12 pm ET – Daily Chöd Practice with Steve Landsberg – check the facebook group for the most current link

1 pm ET – Daily Shitro Practice (daily through zoom except when we join with Merigar’s Shitro practice on Practicing Together)

2 pm ET – Daily Guru Arya Tara Practice of the 21 Praises and 20th Action Mantra (daily – seven days per week)

4 pm ET – Mandarava Practice with Tsegyalgar East (Monday and Tuesdays)

6 pm ET – Potluck Dinner – 93 Summit Street #1, Brooklyn, NY (Saturday only)

7 pm ET – Daily Guru Arya Tara Practice of the 21 Praises and 20th Action Mantra (daily – seven days per week) (*Replaced by Ganapuja on those nights)

7 pm ET – Ganapuja hosted by Tsegyalgar East/ IDC Kundrolling (Friday, November 19th)

8 pm ET – Daily Practice of the Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 A)  (daily – seven days per week) (*Replaced by Dance practice after the Ganapuja whenever applicable.

Links to the Practices:

Ganapuja hosted by Tsegyalgar East/ IDC Kundrolling – zoom.us meeting number 812 1306 2357  Password: VAJRADANCE.

Practice of Odzer Chenma 
Practice of Odzer Chenma for IDC Kundrolling and IDC Dondrubling – zoom.us meeting number 688 964 335. Password: JETSUN.

Santi Maha Sangha
Practice of the Precious Vase with Steven Landsberg and Tsegyalgar East – zoom.us meeting number 829 3502 2716. Passcode: 247403.

Dondrubling in Berkeley, CA, has relevant practices.

Yantra Yoga 
Yantra Yoga with Naomi Zeitz – zoom.us meeting number 505 222 0229. Password: yantrayoga.

Chöd and Other Practices
Practice with Steve Landsberg – zoom.us meeting number 825 2493 0413. Password: 210437. Also check the facebook group for the most current link.

Shitro Practice
Shitro Practice – zoom.us meeting number 854 9985 7645. Password: Shitro.

Guru Arya Tara Practice
Daily Guru Arya Tara Practice of the 21 Praises and the 20th Action Mantra – zoom.us meeting number 688 964 335. Password: JETSUN.

Mandarava Practice
Mandarava Practice with Tsegyalgar East – zoom.us meeting number 816 6711 1041. Password: 221262.

Vajra Dance
Daily Practice of the Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 A) – zoom.us – meeting number 812 1306 2357. Passcode: VAJRADANCE.

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