WellBeing Journey in Dzamling Gar

Staff of Wellness Retreat

Achieving financial sustainability, creating valuable connections with the teachings, and helping people embark on their WellBeing journey to enjoy their lives more by relaxing their minds and bodies—this encapsulates the mission of the WellBeing Program at Dzamling Gar, a program you can join either as a onsite guest or as a Karma Yogi member!

Our programs offer numerous health benefits for both the body and mind. The positive impact of our programs of Respira, Yantra Yoga, Khaita Joyful Dance, Vajra Dance, and Meditation extends well into daily life making our guests,  friends, and society healthier and happier!

With each new summer guest, the WellBeing Project Team becomes even more inspired to improve and deliver an exceptionally relaxing wellbeing experience. This is all thanks to our dedicated team of professionals, including Nataly Nitche, Alessandra Policreti, Yulia Petrova, Thupten Rabgyi, Elerin Uibu, Maria Stepanik, Juraj Michna, Gisela Martinez, Lena Kalistova, Maria Jung, Urara Taoka, and Francesc Miralles, to whom we would like to extend our gratitude.

We are thankful to the School of Tibetan Medicine as well. We cannot overlook its significant role in our WellBeing Programs. Through counseling and therapeutic massages and its external therapies, it helps to relax and balance the body’s elements, setting our guests on a holistic wellbeing path.

The WellBeing Programs 2024

This summer will be no different, as the WellBeing Retreat continues to deliver on its promises—to help you live a healthier and more balanced life in these hectic times.

From June to September, embark on your wellbeing journey in the beautiful Dzamling Gar in Tenerife. Join the WellBeing Retreat and improve your flexibility, reduce joint stiffness, manage chronic stress, enhance lung capacity, improve circulation, and achieve deeper, more restful sleep while enjoying your vacations on the stunning Tenerife!

Come together with or invite your friends and family and enjoy Dzamling Gar for a Discounted Price!

Do you know someone who could benefit from such a WellBeing retreat? Invite your friends and family for a relaxing 5, 7, or 10-day stay at Dzamling Gar! They will appreciate it immensely.

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Hear from Our Recent Guests

We do not need to boast and praise ourselves. Read what our recent guests share about us:

My girlfriend and I took the 5-day retreat with yantra yoga, respira, and meditation, and it was fantastic. This was our first time in Tenerife, and although we had activities every day we still had plenty of time to relax, go to the beach, do a bit of snorkeling, and try some local restaurants.Originally I wasn’t sure whether doing Yantra Yoga and Respira would be a bit too much, but actually it gave us an interesting perspective: We had around 4 or 5 different instructors and each one of them brought their own personal style to the practice, and each noticed different points for us to improve upon, which really helped.

To top it off, the meditation sessions with Rabgyi were very relaxing as well – we mostly did some concentration practices with some analytical meditations mixed in. Rabgyi has a very nice sense of humor and is easy to talk to, so the meditations didn’t feel too stiff; the whole hour went by extremely quickly.Dzamling gar itself is extremely calm, and there’s lots of birds and flowers, which is really unique. Unfortunately the pool was out of commission while we were there, which would’ve been really nice to have, but we’ll go back for sure so we’ll be sure to go the next time we’re there.”

Ricardo and Bgusia from Poland


“Do you like a place ,where in the morning birds are singing, the scent of flowers is going into your room, then, the best place is – Dzamling gar. You can choose to have a company or to have private lessons.

You can meditate,  do yoga, or dance with the best khaita dancer. The walk around the garden gives you time to be yourself. Bonus is, you can have a great Tibetan massage.  It is up to you ,how you spend your time.
There are lots of possibilities  to choose from. You always find the people who can go through your timetable and help you to have the best time.

My husband and I had a great time in Dzamling Gar. With the help from Urara and Nataly, our yoga teacher, Rabgyi, the meditation teacher, we just could not have had a better time.
Thank you!”

Zuzana and Colin from Ireland

What does the WellBeing Retreat look like?

Program Options

The 5, 7 or 10-day WellBeing Programs are designed for everyone and there are no special prerequisites regarding your age or physical fitness!

Program Selection
During your stay at Dzamling Gar you can choose to focus on the following programs: Respira, Yantra Yoga, Khaita Joyful Dance, Vajra Dance, or Meditation allowing you to build a solid foundation and understanding of it.

This is how you get started…
Your initial sessions are one-on-one with your private instructor, fast-tracking your learning process and preparing you to keep up with the group sessions that follow.
This foundation will enable you to continue on your own once you are back home.

… and this is how to continue your WellBeing Journey
Regular online classes and in-person courses at your local Ling- might one be in your vicinity- will support your ongoing learning process until you feel confident to continue on your own, such as carrying out your complete Yantra Yoga session!

Arrival and Schedule, Meals and Free Time

Upon arrival in Tenerife, you will be picked up at the airport and introduced to your apartment and Dzamling Gar.

For the duration of your stay, Yoga or meditation sessions are usually scheduled in the morning.

Healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch are served in the cafeteria.
After lunch, you can enjoy your break as you like, whether it be walking by the beach, swimming, or resting.

In the afternoon, you can visit the Tibetan Medical School for a kunyé massage or participate in Khaita dancing. Dinner is self-catered, either by cooking or dining out at nearby restaurants.

Community Integration
On Fridays, a cafeteria dinner is organized by the Karma Yogis, allowing you to integrate into community life and enjoy socializing.

2024’s special

This summer, we are thrilled to expand our range of therapies. Thai Osteo Therapy, Shiatsu, Esalen bodywork, Cranio Sacral unwiding as well as warm sea water packs release myofascia, and will help you reduce stress and relax.



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