When you discover one, you discover all

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We are happy to announce the new book WHEN YOU DISCOVER ONE, YOU DISCOVER ALL

Practice Instructions Related to CHANGCHUBSEM GOMPA DOLA SERZHÜN by Mañjushrimitra

Tsegyalgar West – Baja California, Mexico

December 19-23, 2014

In relatively recent times, 1971, a text was discovered containing essential instructions on the way to apply, in a pure Dzogchen style, the practice related to the most ancient Dzogchen semde texts. These practice instructions, attributed to Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, are therefore extremely precious for Atiyoga practitioners. In this retreat, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu explains the instructions of how to integrate and apply the knowledge of Changchubsem Gompa Dola Serzhün written by Mañjushrimitra.

“When you discover one, you discover all. What have you discovered? Your real state, your real nature. Then you discovered all. Because when you are in that state, these distinctions of subjects/objects, outside/inside, do not exist. When you discover what is sweet in a small piece of chocolate, you have discovered all kinds of sweets. This is a good example. Here it is explained in this way.”

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