Worldwide Guru Yoga Vajra Dance Zoom-event on 22 August

Full Moon 22 August 2021

Dear Sangha Family,

On Full Moon days many events and meditations take place all over the World.
Let’s join in as one Humanity!

This month we are sharing an inspirational article “Colours of Light: Energy, Frequency and Vibration” by DK Matai, an engineer turned entrepreneur and philanthropist with a keen interest in the well being of global society. Here can enjoy full article – Link.

The August 2021 full moon is, somehow, a Blue Moon. But wait a minute, you might ask: Isn’t a “Blue Moon” defined as the second full moon that occurs during a calendar month?
Let’s find out in addition to what rule we might call it Blue and several other names for this month’s Moon here on the Link.

We connect to an open ongoing online “Practising Together Event” with the Vajra Dance of Space of the Unborn of 12A whenever we wish, according to our circumstances, at any time or place on our Earth.

In order for all practitioners to join worldwide, a 36-hour Zoom link will be kept open around the Full Moon from 9:00 pm 21 August 2021 until 9:00 am 23 August 2021 (Tenerife time).

Please check your local time on the

This practice is for those who already know how to do it and who have received transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

For the link please contact and identify yourself with your local Vajra Dance Instructor or local Gakyil. Please don’t share this link on social media, forums, or open mailing lists! It can compromise the function, possibly then being hacked. Dzamlinggar Merigar December 7-13

The event is dedicated mainly to the practice of Bodhicitta in the Light of Guruyoga, integrating in the state of Contemplation with the Vajra Dance of Space of the Unborn of 12A.

You find the latest pdf update of more detailed explanations for members in the restricted files section here:

There is no one starting or ending or guiding a particular practice.

Before going online at whatever moment or time in the 36 hours global connecting practising stream we at least take a moment, settling and bringing awareness to our body and breath, generating an altruistic and gentle attitude in the knowledge of all beings inseparably interconnected, relaxing in the A, integrating whatever in the state of contemplation. If we feel agitated or whatever we just observe it, leaving it as it is, being gentle to ourselves and just continuing and integrating that with our practice.

When we finish our session, we take a moment for a dedication in our mind and can also empower it with mantra.

Those with physical difficulty to dance can participate with Guruyoga, integrating with the simple or base movement of one Breath/A. Doing it one time or repeating several times: sitting or standing.

While participants need to be automatically muted, continuous audio musical support is provided to accompany and synch us together in this practice. The support is visually knowing that we are practicing together at that moment. Maybe we are just by ourselves, maybe there are many, maybe few, it does not matter.

We can also wear the Vajra Dance costume, if we wish and when our circumstances permit.

We are free, also we can lower the sound to integrate best with our own tune and voice of A and the natural sounds around us. Even if we are not perfectly synced physically, we are in the real sense.

Vajra Dance Team in partnership with The International Dzogchen Community and The International Atiyoga Foundation.

With the kind collaboration of Dzamling Gar doing their best to provide a continuous open Link.

Please donate freely and abundantly for whatever good benefiting cause and institutions you feel are close to your heart. Together we are many.

You can donate using the button below to support this event and other Vajra Dance projects with whatever even small amount indicating in the cause: “Vajra Dance Fundraising”.


Thank You!

Warm regards and all best wishes, from my home to yours,

Prima Mai

International Vajra Dance Teacher

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