Yantra Yoga and Meditation in Venice


September 26-27, 2015

In the splendid setting of Palazzo Pisani, in the Calle delle Erbe in Venice, a special seminar “pairing” sessions of Yantra Yoga and Meditation was held over the weekend of 26 – 27 September.

The two teachers of the Dzogchen Community, Marco Baseggio and Fabio Risolo, introduced around forty people, including some practitioners from the Community and many others who were interested in the Buddhist doctrine and its practices, to the base both of Yantra Yoga and Meditation.


About twenty-five mats were laid out on the beautiful Venetian floor so that participants at the three yoga sessions could try their hand at some warm-ups and the eight movements, while during the three meditation sessions lasting an hour and a half each Fabio introduced those present to Dzogchen in simple words that could be easily understood by an audience without the basics of the teaching.

On Saturday the participants were able to enjoy an excellent lunch prepared by the owner of the palazzo in a room with splendid antique furniture. This was followed by an hour of Khaita Dances led by our instructor Paola Pillon, before the afternoon session of the course.

Sabina Ragaini

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