Yantra Yoga for Beginners at Dejamling, South of France

Experiences and memories of the course with Elerin Uibu May 26-29
And also the Yantra Yoga retreat at Dejamling August 4-7

1st visit for me to Dejamling with a 10-day immersion in this place and this space-time.
Bright encounters, generous transmissions. I recontacted in my being, the liver, the simplicity of being, the presence of the moment. Gratitude, I am full of gratitude for life, for this place that breathes love, for these passing beings, for this baggage that was given to me with so much generosity, launched these concrete paths to continue my path.
Gratitude to Lorraine
Gratitude to Elerin
Thank you all!

A very nice course, a very nice transmission in a magnificent setting. This makes me want to deepen and know better the Dzogchen Community, the dances and other teachings,

Thank you Elerin for these unique moments and the well-being they provide. The place already, of a great and serene beauty, this preserved nature full of the songs of the birds. Something happy emerges from this place just by simply being present.
The group, very friendly and benevolent with a fluid and unrestrictive organization, the possibility of outside also the flow of words (the hammock is magic, it rocks and soothes), the river.
Yantra Yoga taught with precision, gentleness and kindness. The rhythm that respects ours. The relaxation and the energy that result from the sessions, the rhythm of the classes very well balanced.

I had for many years ignored yantra yoga, out of laziness no doubt, and not excessive susceptibility towards certain instructors, but since the circumstances of starting to learn here at Dejamling with Elerin presented themselves, I finally followed this course with happiness and relief.
A very nice discovery of Yantra, its potential at all physical, energetic and spiritual levels, and therefore an enthusiasm to continue. Discovery also of Elerin as an instructor; I, so susceptible, was enchanted by her kindness, gentleness, humor and a sense of pedagogy, respect and the art of correcting faults without hurting the individual.
A very big thank you, these few days have passed in a beautiful atmosphere between all the participants, in relaxation and good humor.

It was my first time doing yoga. We practiced it without judgement. I felt comfortable asking any questions. The place is very beautiful and peaceful and conducive to the internship. Very comfortable beds. Outing to the river excellent!
The yoga explanations of the instructor are very good and clear, benevolent. She has a presence that makes you want to do yantra yoga. Internship done in good humor and joy. This internship made me very happy. I want to continue yantra yoga!
I really liked eating in silence during the first 15 minutes of meals.
Very good interactions with others. We had a very good group. Everyone participated in making the meals. I will recommend this course!

From August 4th to 7th we enjoyed the Yantra Yoga retreat at Dejamling.

Despite the daily heat, we had offered ourselves 5 and a half hours of yoga practice during the 4 days.
For one person the discovery of Yantra Yoga and Dejamling for the first time, for 4 yogis and yoginis it was the second time. An ideal team! Thank’s everyone!

A word from Frank:
“Calm, Joy, Harmony and humor were present in your teaching, which allowed me to deepen, clarify and motivate my practice of Yantra Yoga. I liked a form of lightness. almost fun, in those moments. Everything is, I find, very balanced.”

And from Lil:
“Back to Dejamling, it’s so good. After intense practice with precious details, the breath becomes fluid like the body. Despite the heat, the teaching is refreshing and the kindness of the teacher is fresh air. The internships are intense and rich.They make you want to continue, to meet, to deepen.
Living together is a good practice of contemplation. The small grain of sand, for my part, was the difficulty of meditating after the practice… Then I discovered a space there to find the center… then the experience took on a softer texture.
Another wonderful retreat with the desire to come back… and take care of Dejamling…”

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