Yantra Yoga from A-Z

Yantra Yoga with Alejandra Krasnogar

by Carolina Mingolla

Between March and November 2021 we met once a month for a special, innovative, complete and super professional course. Yantra Yoga from A to Z, devised, managed and organized by Leticia Recepter, a Yantra Yoga instructor living in Argentina.

In times of pandemic, a special capacity for adaptation emerged in each one of us, we learned to use new tools, to communicate and practice ONLINE.

Class with Marisa Alonso

But this annual course of the open part of Yantra, had several characteristics that made it unique: instructors from all over the world, a special module on Tibetan Medicine with Matthew Schmookler, weekly classes to practice what was learned in the monthly modules, the record of all classes and their availability recorded, and financial contributions carefully thought out for the instructor, the organization and the Gar (in this case Tashigar Sur).

All these details made this course a model to be replicated in all languages. The first version in Spanish had the majority of students from the southern cone, but success is guaranteed anywhere in the world!

Yantra Yoga and Tibetan Medicine with Menpa Matthew Schmookler

For my part, I was in charge of teaching the 2nd series of yantra in August, but I made myself available to collaborate with the other instructors, learn about other ways of transmitting, and provide comments and corrections whenever possible.

Working as a team is so enriching!

So, surely this new way of offering the precious knowledge that Chögyal Namkhai Norbu generously gave us, will spread throughout the world and the magic of the Yantra Yoga will be made accessible to more and more people.

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