Yantra Yoga in Belarus


A Yantra Yoga retreat with 1st level instructor Mira Mironova took place on 20-21 February 2016 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. 15 people participated in the retreat. The topic of the retreat was the Pranayama of the 1st group Tennyi Namzhi, as well as the preliminary practices and Yantras of the 1st group. Thanks to many years of personal practice and big experience in teaching Yantra Yoga Mira succeeded in explaining in a simple and accessible way all subtle moments of performing these Pranayamas and Yantras, as well as making corrections to our practice with clear instructions. All participants liked the retreat very much and all practitioners once again thought about the benefit, significance and uniqueness of this method and how important it is to integrate practice with everyday life. We are very grateful to Mira for a wonderful course and atmosphere filled with the spirit of the Teaching!

Jigdralling, the Dzogchen Community of Minsk



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